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876Re: [MexicoDNAProject] R1b-DF73 Iberian subclade of R1b-L21 (Northwest European Origin)

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  • Joel Peres
    Nov 23, 2013
      Could the Visigoths have brought this into Iberia?

      On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 1:04 AM, garyf@... <garyf@...> wrote:

      Davila, Edmond FrankNorthwestern European - R1b-L21>Z253>Z253413241311 121412121113132917 101011112414193115 151717
      Saldana, Saul ThomasIberian - R1b-L21>DF73 13241411 1114121213 14133017 0910111124 15193014 151617
      Sanchez, Jesse Iberian - R1b-L21>DF73 13241411 1114121213 13132917 0910111124 15192914 161617
      The above results appear to be of a branch of R1b-21 to have migrated from NW Europe to Iberia.
      R1b-L21Doggerland (ancient North Sea area) origin. Descendant of P312 which is most prevalent in Iberia. Archeological evidence shows the ancients moving to the North Sea area from Iberia starting about 14K years ago. M269>P312>L21 - 13
      R1b-L21>DF73Iberian origin - The direct YDNA ancestor of this group left Doggerland in ancient times and migrated back into Iberia likely driven by unstable climate change.
      If you are R1b-L21 you may be DF73 positive. Thus far only those 
      a few with Iberian ancestry on this line have tested positive for R1b-DF73
      The marker was discovered in the 1000 genomes project in a couple of 
      samples with Iberian ancestry on their Y dNA. 
      Mexico DNA Project Admin.

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