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857New deep Y DNA test for males

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  • garyf@pacbell.net
    Nov 10 1:51 PM
      A new test is being offered to help discover your terminal SNP. This offer can be found on your FTDNA pages:

      BIG Y DNA Test

      Next Gen Y Sequencing

      Presale order today and get a $200 discount!

      Most Y SNPs Available
      • Nearly 25,000 known SNPs, placing you deep on the haplotree.
      • 10 Million base-pair coverage - more than any other Y-DNA test on the market.
      New SNPs Unique to You
      • Find SNPs that may be completely unique to you.
      • Explore your deep paternal ancestry.
      Advanced Genetic Anthropology
      • Help the community uncover new, undiscovered SNPs.
      • Use your newly discovered SNPs to helpgrow the haplotree.
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