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851Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Native Americans Have Deep Ancestry in Europe

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    Nov 9, 2013
      See copy of email from Willerslve on his research. His research has been published and will be in print with journal Nature.
      I have been in correspondence with Dr. Mulligan, University of Florida and Dr. Willerslve on DNA with our Tribe, Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama.  
      Dear Joel 
      Thanks for your mail. The paper you refer to is currently under embargo but will come out in the journal Nature. Therefore I cannot discuss the results at the movement (Nature rules). However III be happy talking to you about the findings as soon as it gets out (it should not take that long I believe). I would like to state though that it's unfortunately some information has spread to the press already as a lot of what has been written is simply wrong. 

      Let's stay in touch and when the embargo is lifted III be very happy discussing the findings with you. 

      Joel K. Harris, Sr., PHD.
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      Sent: Saturday, November 9, 2013 3:42 PM
      Subject: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Native Americans Have Deep Ancestry in Europe
      From this quote:
      "Willerslev reported that the team was able to sequence the boy's genome, and also to radiocarbon date the bone. The team then used a variety of statistical methods to compare the genome with that of living populations. They found that a portion of the boy's genome is shared only by today's Native Americans and no other groups, showing a close relationship. Yet the child's Y chromosome belongs to a genetic group called Y haplogroup R, and its mitochondrial DNA to a haplogroup U. Today, those haplogroups are found almost exclusively in people living in Europe and regions of Asia west of the Altai Mountains, which are near the borders of Russia, China, and Mongolia."

      we can say they were not able to match the non Native American portion to present day populations and only able to eliminate East Asians. This is probably due to more recent admixture by populations west of where these bones were found. They only tie into Europeans with the haploid markers of R and U.  Native Americans come from a very small population of Beringians and if all Native Americans have this autosomal dna then this would go back to the small founder population.  East Asians and not Northeast Asians have been surrounded by mountains and developed their own present day autosomal dna with the genetic picture to the west being more convoluted.  

      The remaining non Native American DNA found must belong to the more convoluted DNA population.  At least until this is clarified by the author.

      Mexico DNA Project Admin.  

      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, Joel Peres wrote: > > So if about 1/3 of his autosomal DNA was quantified as Amerindian, what > were the other 2/3s? Mediterranean? Eastern Euro? Northern Euro? > Mideast/West Asian? Basque/Sardinian-esqe? Fascinating stuff > > > On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 1:09 PM, Carl Senna carlfsenna@... wrote: > > > > > > > Thanks, Gary, for the clarification. People have deep ancestry in People, > > otherwise what's the point of grasping for straws to prove that Native > > Americans are really one-third perhaps linked to European stock somewhere, > > too, just like....American Caucasians....?????Well, we're all Africans, > > too, if we look at our genetic inheritance back long enough. > > Carl > > > > Sent from my iPad > > > > On Nov 8, 2013, at 3:02 PM, Gary Felix garyf@... wrote: > > > > > > > > This blog says that this ancient Siberian was Ydna R1b and the original > > paper on this discovery says the bones were tested as the rare > > parahaplogroup R. This is a very significant difference. The fact that this > > ancient Siberian boy had about a third of his autosomal dna found only in > > today's Native Americans leads to the possibility that his ancestry was > > pre-European since his dna has no affinity with East Asian populations > > today. > > > > Gary > > Mexico DNA Project Admin. > > > > ------------------------------ > > *From:* Peggy Deras pderas@... > > *To:* MexicoDNAProject-yahoogroups.com MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com > > *Sent:* Thursday, November 7, 2013 8:02 PM > > *Subject:* [MexicoDNAProject] Native Americans Have Deep Ancestry in > > Europe > > > > > > Thought this might interest. > > > > * Native Americans Have Deep Ancestry in Europe: Yes, It's Official > > *- > > See more at: > > http://www.dnaconsultants.com/_blog/DNA_Consultants_Blog/post/native-americans-have-deep-ancestry-in-europe/#sthash.bLpLvvhY.dpuf Reply > > to sender > > pderas@...?subject=Re%3A%20Native%20Americans%20Have%20Deep%20Ancestry%20in%20Europe> Reply > > to group > > MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com?subject=Re%3A%20Native%20Americans%20Have%20Deep%20Ancestry%20in%20Europe> Start > > a New Topic Messages > > in this topic (1) > > Recent Activity: > > > > - New Members > > 1 > > > > Visit Your Group > > [image: Yahoo! Groups] > > Switch to: Text-OnlyMexicoDNAProject-traditional@yahoogroups.com?subject=Change%20Delivery%20Format:%20Traditional>, > > Daily DigestMexicoDNAProject-digest@yahoogroups.com?subject=Email%20Delivery:%20Digest>• > > UnsubscribeMexicoDNAProject-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com?subject=Unsubscribe>• Terms > > of Use • Send us > > Feedback > > ygroupsnotifications@yahoogroups.com?subject=Feedback%20on%20the%20redesigned%20individual%20mail%20v1> > > . > > > > > > > > > > >
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