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85Nunez y Guajardo

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  • betoescamilla
    Jun 23 1:44 PM
      Thanks to Cris Rendon, I have affirmed what my dad told me about our paternal lineage. He tells me that my great-grandfather Don Ygnacio Escamilla Morales was adopted by someone named Aparicio or Patricio. That person appears to be Aparicio Nunez Escamilla, son of Don Bartalomeo Nunez and Mariana Rodriguez.

      Does anyone have any connections to this paternal lineage?

      On my mom's side, I have traced back to San Juana Guajardo, who I believe was married to Don Martin Padilla. I am not sure of his first name. Does anyone have any information that they can share on this relative?

      All of these relatives lived in the area around Cadereyta, Via de Santiago and Monterrey. The last names Salazar, Morales cross my family tree a few times.

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