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710RE: AnusimMexico Attachment

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  • earthchild_marie
    Oct 15, 2013


      Gary, it is probly due to my old computer! but there is nothing to the left...
      ---In mexicodnaproject@yahoogroups.com, <garyf@...> wrote:

      Thank you Dahlia,
      I have posted your contribution as well as Brito beginings in our files section accessable on the left.


      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, Dahlia Palacios <dahlpalaci@...> wrote:
      > Gary
      > Thanks for all your previous help and more that I am sure you will provide. This
      > group is definitely our melting pot for all of those dedicated to finding our
      > Ancestors. I have attached a document that some may find helpful. It is a little
      > over 200 pages and you may download it. It was made available to me by Leonel
      > Guajardo my J- YDNA Cousin.
      > Dahlia
      > Dahlia Guajardo-Cantu de Palacios
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