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695Re: [MexicoDNAProject] DNA Collecting trip-Baja California

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  • Joel Peres
    Oct 13, 2013
      Our Nanny is a Cota & she has a Brother, let me know if you'd like for me to put you in contact with him, assuming he's interested.

      On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Edward Romero <itsmeed20@...> wrote:

      Hi Teddi, every surname that you have on your list is in my Mother's Family Tree, my problem is that my match is Mitochondrial/DNA. At the time of my DNA Testing, I could not locate any living Male from my Mother's side of the family and still have not. Leo Carrillo (the Movie Star Actor) was my Mother's first Cousin, we would go to his Rancho in Oceanside (not Carlsbad) for BBQ's back around 1955. Good luck. Ed 

      On Sunday, October 13, 2013 10:22 AM, Cindy Martin <cindymartin001@...> wrote:
      Hi Teddi,
      Sorry, that I don't have information but I want to wish you safe travels and what a wonderful gift that you will give the Mexican community.  Can't wait to see the results.  If possible, please keep us updated on your where about.

      On Sunday, October 13, 2013 12:14 PM, Teddi Montes <o2bnbaja@...> wrote:
      I will be leaving soon for a 6 week mule trip covering the bottom half
      (500 miles) of the Baja California peninsula. I will be collecting DNA
      from selected males of founding family surnames, most were soldiers/
      mission workers etc in Baja California between 1697-1800. Pedigrees
      will be compiled (via initial interview and my 40 yrs of research)
      first to give a greater chance that the Y line goes back to the
      selected ancestor surname and I am also using the 1930 Baja California
      census to help narrow the search. Hopefully I will have at least 2-3
      different men for each surname to try to sift out the "who's your
      daddy ain't your daddy" NPE issues.

      If you are a male Carrillo descended from the Santa Barbara-Los
      Angeles-San Diego Carrillos of Alta California (late 1700s from Baja
      to 1850) and have a good paper trail and have confirmed your Y, I
      would like to hear from you. This includes any present day Carrillo
      in Baja California especially in the south.

      Also if you are a Baja/Alta California Verduzco/Verdusco/Berdusco and
      know that your male line has roots in southern Baja California
      pre-1850 I would also like to hear from you.

      Other surnames (with the same requirements) are Cota (descended from
      soldier Andre Cota), Marron (soldier Rafael Marron), Romero (soldier
      Jose Ignacio Romero), Mayoral (Filipino sailor who jumped ship at Cabo
      San Lucas-1760), Lopez (soldier Juan Miguel Lopez), Aguilar (soldier
      Juan Antonio Aguilar) and Villavicencio (soldier (Manuel de le Toree

      So----Surnames are:

      I have already established the Y for the Arce soldier-brothers

      There are other names I will watch for but this list might at least
      get someone's attention here who has a line to any of these men.

      Teddi Montes
      The Californio DNA Project
      familia Sanchez Azedo (Sonora)
      familia Marron Carrillo (Baja California
      familia Marron/Arce (Baja California)
      My other 4WD is a Baja mule!

      It is a well-known fact in Baja California that if you throw a rock in
      to the air, it will fall on the head of an Arce!!

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