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680How do I find passenger lists for ships embarking from Mexican ports to California?

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  • Peggy Deras
    Oct 5, 2013
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      Hoping somebody here can answer this question for me:

      I have a record (found on Ancestry.com) of the steamer Curacao arriving in San Francisco, California on 1 July 1905.
      She was laden with gold and also my great grandmother and grand uncle from Mexico.
      The US records show the ship as embarking on 17 June 1905,from "Guaymas and Wayports" in Mexico.
      My great grandmother was shown to have embarked from Mazatlan.
      I would like to find Mexican records of the same voyage.
      Perhaps they would tell me where my great grandmother embarked (if different than Mazatlan) and where she was from.
      Perhaps even a passport record.
      Does anyone know how, where, and who to contact?
      I assume in Mexico.

      Many thanks if you can.