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671Re: [MexicoDNAProject] 23andme Autosomal Testing vs FTDNA's Mtdna Testing

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  • Edward Romero
    Oct 3, 2013
      Gary, thanks for your reply. My only goal is to locate a living relative of my Mother's, so it looks like I will go with 23andme. Thanks for helping so many people with their DNA research. Ed

      From: JOEL SR <hrjoel3@...>
      To: "MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com" <MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 11:13 AM
      Subject: Re: [MexicoDNAProject] 23andme Autosomal Testing vs FTDNA's Mtdna Testing
      Family Finder, 22 chromosomes, will only identify those who are in the gene pool with Family Tree DNA that relate to your genes. Your mothers family line must be in the gene pool that Family Tree DNA matches your genes with.
      The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina use the Family Finder, 22 chromosomes, to prove all new born infants match with their parents to be enrolled. If the infant does not match the child can not be enrolled with the tribe. Each tribal member receives funds from the tribe yearly.
      I am enrolled with the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. My family Finder has matched me with Flores who is a Mexican Indian and others who are non-Indian.
      Due to the massive mixture with the European's, English, Irish, Scotts etc.,  with the Cherokees the present DNA for Cherokee is not what it had been 500 years ago must less 10,000 years ago.
      My friend James Billie, Chairman for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, father was English.
      A tribe is family. Not a amorphous, but solid unit e.g. such as a citizen of America VS a tribal citizen is not the same. All American citizens are not family members, but a tribe is a family. 
      Presently the Echota Cherokee tribal council does not promote DNA testing within the tribe. However, tribal enrollment is identical with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. All anyone must do is prove they are a relative to a current or past enrolled tribal member. The degree of Indian blood has been dropped from the requirement by both tribes. Presently there is no scientific method to prove ones degree of Indian blood for a specific tribe as Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw etc. due to inter-marrying with these tribes and non-tribal members and the methodology used e.g. A is said to be a full blood, but there is not scientific proof this is correct and any assumption beyond this is invalid.
      I want the Echota Cherokee Tribe to participate in DNA testing. This will expand tribal enrollment and solidify family ties within the tribe. We have about 35, 000 citizens.
      I want the tribe to refuse to align with the federal government and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. No government has a right to dictate to our nation as to who is family and take our land.
      I and others seek total sovereignty as a tribal nation.  
      I live in Florida. Horse racing is big business. These horses DNA is precise and accurate.     
      I think the question to seek is what is the diversity and population number of those in the Family Finder by Family Tree DNA. 
      Joel K. Harris, Sr., PH.D.
      From: "garyf@..." <garyf@...>
      To: MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 4:48 AM
      Subject: [MexicoDNAProject] 23andme Autosomal Testing vs FTDNA's Mtdna Testing
      Hi Ed, your welcome. Autosomal testing would be the way to go if you were looking to find your Mothers family lines. While both FTDNA and 23andme offer Autosomal testing, if you were looking to go with another company I would suggest 23andme. The same haplogroup would show up but the mtdna markers you received from FTDNA would not since it is a different type of test. Where 23andme would show your mother's side of the family along with Mtdna haplogroup; with FTDNA's Mtdna testing you only get one line of ancestry and that is the line that is your Mother's, Mother's Mother's line back many thousands of years. When you test autosomal dna either with 23andme or FTDNA you will not be sure what side of the family your relative comes from unless you share a papertrail or you test one of your parents. Of course it would help if your parents come from entirely different populations. Gary --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, Edward Romero <itsmeed20@...> wrote: > > Hi Gary, I have already taken the Mito-DNA test with Family Tree DNA, I was given misleading information before I took the test, I was advised that by taking the test I could locate most of my Mother's direct family, that was not true. It's now time to take the Upgraded DNA test, but I really do not want to use Family Tree again, can I use another Company and do you have any suggestions and how will my Family Tree DNA results be merged with the new Company if I decide to take that action. I've read a lot about 23andme, what do you think?  Thanks for any comments. Ed >
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