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629Fw: Family Finder

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  • Danny Borquez
    Sep 6, 2013

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      Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 10:44 PM
      Subject: Family Finder

      Hi Gary,

        When I look at my Geno 2 and Family finder results this what I have:

      Geno 2     Mediterranean    Northern European  SW Asian    Native American  Sub-Saharan African
                             37%                         35%                   15%                 9%                            3%

      Family     Europe(Western Euorpean)                 Native American             Middle east (North African)
      Finder             ORCADIAN                                   COLUMBIAN, MAYA              MOZABITE

                                 74.72%                                          8.23%                                  17.06%

      That all seems to go  together with my surname line as being Basque. I Have a question about the Native American %, older family members said we had Yaqui and Mayo Indian in our family,which would have to be small since my Borquez Line didn't arrive until the 1700's . Do you think Maya, Mayo and Yaqui are close enough to fall into the Maya category or the other two just might be bad info or  could it be a mixture of all three?

      This next question is not really a Mexican DNA project question but it might give you insight into my Family finder results. My Mother is a Smith, I have taken different branches of her family as far back as kent, England abt. 1355.I go back to Scotland, Ireland,Wales , England and the Netherlands. This is my question since you are familiar with family finder, I had never heard the word Orcadian, when I looked it up, they inhabited  Scotland, when I checked the Orkney Census the only two surnames from my tree ( which has about 1500 people)that appear in any census are Smith and Markham , it just happens my G,G,Grandfather, James Smith married Jane Markham. My mother is 87 and remembers being told we had Scottish roots (?) and I have a Older cousin who says she traced one line  back to Robert Bruce 1st king of Scotland. I never gave it a lot of thought till I saw the family finder results.  So since the results indicate "ORCADIAN" how much of an impact does that mean?


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