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596Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Sanchez from Sonora Y 67 question

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  • Teddi Montes
    Aug 25, 2013
      ALL that I have so far after 35 years....Marcial Sanchez.  (wife is Vicenta Azedo) bapt. a son in 1754 at Suamca, was a godparent in 1760 at Guevavi, and was with the 1774 Anza  expedition to find a route to California.  I find him NOWHERES ELSE after 1774.  His son, Jose Ramon, is a soldier 1801 in the Santa Cruz valley (Suamca area).  All locations are northern Sonora.  The Azedo surname and also Sanchez is found in the area in the roster etc.  I do not find him on the Tubac or Tucumcacori padrones.  Still searching mission records......and for clues as to the origins of Marcial.

      Mysteries??? Yea...like WHO are these guys and WHERE did you come from???  South via Arizpe or Alamos or New Mexico or Chihuahua/Durango????

      LOTS of mysteries and I am so hoping we have some sort of a FF cousin match w the Miranda Y guy!!!!

      Have not done anything w Y search so can you do that?

      Teddi Montes

      On Aug 25, 2013, at 12:18 PM, garyf@... wrote:


      Hi Teddi,
      The posting would have the haplogroup and 25 marker results along with geographical information. You can post to Ysearch automatically on your YDNA Matches page at the bottom after you run a search. If you have done so please pass along your Ysearch ID and I can link it to the ysearch button by your name on the project page. Otherwise I can do it for you and Y search will email your password and user ID.

      Please let me know the following:
      The migration pattern of this surname line.
      Your earliest surname line ancestor and the year they were born as well as where they were born.
      Any family mysteries you are looking to solve?

      Names, geography and birth dates of this paternal line are helpful in determining related lines.


      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, Teddi Montes <o2bnbaja@...> wrote:
      > Gary-
      > One of my kits, James Sanchez, Y 67 results are in. Do I need to do
      > something to get them in your Y study? Oldest Ancestor is Marcial
      > Sanchez, soldier, w Anza, 1774.
      > Teddi Montes

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