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584New Sanchez R1b-L21>DF73 Iberian cluster results posted

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  • garyf@pacbell.net
    Aug 24, 2013
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      A new Iberian cluster is showing up based on a couple of Hispanic results out of the 1000 Genomes project and now our own 2 positive results:
      Sanchez, JessePortugal>Coahila Mexico>Nuevo Leon Mexico>Texas USA. Haplogroup R1b-L21>DF73 Iberian origin. Appears in a cluster of Iberians. See these YDNA 15 marker matches to 6 of 1078 Australia [European], 3 of 766 Australia [Aboriginal], 3 of 587 Buenos Aires, Argentina [Admixed], 2 of 152 Central Alaska, United States [Athabaskan Indian], 2 of 93 Galicia, Spain [Spanish], 2 of 1475 United States [European American], 2 of 166 Costa Rica [Mestizo], 1 of 193 Santander, Colombia [Mestizo], 1 of 509 Stuttgart, Germany [German], 1 of 58 Limburg, Belgium [Belgian], 1 of 197 Basque Country, Spain [Spanish], 1 of 195 Bogotá, Colombia [Mestizo], 1 of 162 Marche, Italy [Italian], 1 of 167 Huelva, Spain [Spanish], 1 of 128 Córdoba, Argentina [European], 1 of 277 Antwerpen, Belgium [Belgian], 1 of 531 Rostock, Germany [German], 1 of 67 Boa Vista, Brazil [Admixed Brazilian] and 1 of 255 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [European] in a - YHRD database search. Oldest Ydna ancestor - Jesse Sanchez> Jesus Sanchez> Gregorio Sanchez> Eleuterio Sanchez> Valentin Jesus Sanchez> Dario Sanchez> Joseph Matias Sanchez> Antonio Dionicio Sanchez>Francisco Luis Sanchez> Diego Luis Sanchez> Martin Sanchez> Juan Farias 1500's (Portugal). Contact Crispin Rendon

      New Sanchez, JesseIberia - R1b-L21>DF7313241411111412121313132917091011112415192914161617

      Also new SNP results for:
      Saldana, Saul ThomasIberian - R1b-L21>DF73132414111114121213141330..........................

      Added this section:
      R1b-L21>DF73Iberian origin - This group left Doggerland in ancient times and migrated back into Iberia likely driven by unstable climate change.- 02

      We have 9 other R1b-L21 project members. It would be interesting to see if they would test positive for this marker as well.

      Mexico DNA Project Admin.
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