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  • mexr1b@att.net
    Aug 19, 2013
      The term Maya with Family Finder is just a generic term. Indians from all over Mexico will have their aDNA show as Maya. This does not mean they are literally directly descended from them. It is more an example about how far DNA testing has to go before they can correctly identify aDNA being part of a subgroup such as Mayans being a subgroups of Mexican and Central American Indians. The terms that FTDNA uses can be very misleading. They do us a favor by providing testing but they also do us an injustice by using those generic terms.

      The North American Indians and the Indians from northern Mexico do show an affinity and their aDNA can be shown to be slightly different from Indians from the rest of Mexico but even before the arrival of Spaniards there was a lot of mixing over thousands of years. Then once the Spanish arrived there was a lot of change especially since many of the Indian allies of the Spanish were taken with the Spanish to assist in the pacification of northern Mexico and what is now New Mexico and Texas. This caused even more mixing of different Indian groups and Spaniards.

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      > They will reply if you match exaqctly or at step 1. All other matches mean they would have to do a paper trail. If you are 1/3 Maya that means you need to start looking for relatives in southern Mexico or in Zacatecas and the same for your North Africa ancestors, because there were lots of African slaves imported to Mexico City in the 1600/1700s.
      > You might try joining some of the genealogy clubs, too. Do you live in the USA or in Mexico? The only Villareal person in my Brito database is Clara de Villareal, who died in 1752 in Picuris, Taos county, USA. She was the 1st wife of Melchor Rodriguez, son of Sebastian Rodriguez y Brito, who was born in Angola Africa about 1642; Melchor's mother was Juana de la Cruz; they married in El Paso del Norte in 1697.
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      > > Hi,
      > > My Y dna is R1b1a2 R M269. I have just received the results form family finder population . Europe 38.88% Native American Central America (Maya) is 38.91% and Middle east North Africa (mozabite). I have e mailed a few possible matches, but no response. Do others have better results when they e mail possible matches? I had 3 matches for the y dna 37 markers, but have never received any response from anyone on the list of matches, very frustrating.
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