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484Re: "Middle Eastern" DNA

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  • mexr1b@att.net
    Aug 14, 2013
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      Almost all Europeans have the Mediterranean component as can be seen with the National Geographic Geno 2.0 project reference populations. There are other populations that have it also. It is hard to tie it to a specific ethnic group. Tuscans, Greeks, and Sardinians have even more of the Mediterranean component than Iberians do.


      BULGRIANS 47%
      DANISH 30%
      EGYPTIAN 35%
      FINNISH 17%
      GEORGIAN 61%
      GERMAN 36%
      GREEK 54%
      IBERIAN 48%
      IRANIAN 42%
      KUWAITI 57%
      LEBANESE 66%
      MEXICAN 28%
      ROMANIAN 43%
      RUSSIAN 25%
      SARDINIAN 67%
      TUSCAN 54%

      Now if you go to the National Geographic Geno 2.0 Regions Overview you will find this information.

      Using a method of analysis that infers ancestral source populations, we have discovered nine ancestral regions that combine to make up everyone's genome. Everyone has a mix of these components ranging from 0% to 100% due to interaction between these regions of the world over the past 50,000 years. Native Americans have their own group, as do Oceanians and the Khoisan people of southern Africa. In these places it is possible to have 100% of the respective region. Everyone else in the world is a mix of these components, reflecting ancient and modern migration patterns.

      Mediterranean: This component is found at highest frequencies in southern Europe and the Levant—people from Sardinia, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia in our reference populations. While not limited to these groups, it is found at lower frequencies throughout the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, due to these populations traveling through this region on their journeys and retaining that in their DNA. This component is likely the signal of the Neolithic population expansion from the Middle East, beginning around 8,000 years ago, likely from the western part of the Fertile Crescent.


      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, "Sam" wrote:
      > What are we to make of Middle Eastern dna. My Family Finder on FTDNA indicated I have 30.8% Middle Eastern dna. Frankly, I was astounded at the high percentage given that I am a descendant of old Hispano families here in NM.
      > Is this an indicator of semitic, possibly "Crypto-Jewish" heritage that has been the cause of considerable controversy here? Does it point to Moorish heritage from the Iberian peninsula?
      > I know a number of Hispanos here have a high percentage of Middle Eastern dna reported but I haven't seen the issue directly addressed.
      > Can anyone shed some light on this?
      > Sam Dominguez
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