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475Re: "Middle Eastern" DNA

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  • idiganthro1
    Aug 14, 2013
      I have what may be a dumb question regarding the "Middle Eastern" results in population finder.

      My breakdown is
      52.21% European (French, Finnish, Orcadian, Russian)
      14.68 Native American (Mayan, Columbian)
      33.13% Middle Eastern (Adygei, Jewish)

      With such a large Middle Eastern component why aren't any of my family finder matches Middle Eastern or Jewish? The most common seem to be German, English and Mexican with NONE listing Middle Eastern or Jewish origins. Approximately 36-40% of all my matches are Mexican. Is this because of a disproportunate number of people testing from certain ethnic groups?


      P.S. I am an adoptee with little info about my background. I was told bio-mom was European (English/German- obviously correct) and now it seems bio-dad was Mexican instead of Italian as I'd been told. Wish I had more info to help put all these pieces together!

      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, "Sam" <sfdoming@...> wrote:
      > What are we to make of Middle Eastern dna. My Family Finder on FTDNA indicated I have 30.8% Middle Eastern dna. Frankly, I was astounded at the high percentage given that I am a descendant of old Hispano families here in NM.
      > Is this an indicator of semitic, possibly "Crypto-Jewish" heritage that has been the cause of considerable controversy here? Does it point to Moorish heritage from the Iberian peninsula?
      > I know a number of Hispanos here have a high percentage of Middle Eastern dna reported but I haven't seen the issue directly addressed.
      > Can anyone shed some light on this?
      > Sam Dominguez
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