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453Re: New file uploaded to MexicoDNAProject

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  • Peggy Deras
    Aug 10, 2013
      The new file uploaded yesterday is a Welcome Message from Gary to new members.

      Existing members might also benefit from reading it.
      Here it is below:

      Welcome new MexicoDNAProject Member.
      Here you will gain valuable information to help you find your Mexican DNA brothers and sisters.
      Please save this email to help you with posting to our MexicoDNAProject Yahoo Group.

      This is an instruction on how you can send emails to our entire Yahoo Group from your email program:

      Just address your message to:

      MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com (add this address to your address book)

      You will know it was sent correctly when you receive a copy as an email from the group.

      When you want to reply ONLY (privately) to another individual who sent a message through the group, just click "Reply to sender " at the bottom of the message, and fill in your message.  It's just like sending a typical private email between two people.

      When you want to send a reply to the entire group, click "Reply to group" at the bottom of the message, and fill in your message.

      Please be certain, before you click "SEND", that you have changed the SUBJECT of your message to something that describes it (instead of just the default Re: Blah Blah Blah.
      Re: Blah Blah Blah may be descriptive enough; but if the subject has changed at all you should describe the change with a new SUBJECT.
      Twenty messages with the subject Re: Blah Blah Blah tend to run together. :-D

      Also, if your message is the 3rd through 20th message in a thread, please delete all but the most recent message from your reply. That way readers don't have to scan down, down, down to get past all the messages they have already read.

      You can do this by simply highlighting the most recent message, hitting Ctrl+C (COPY) before you click "Reply to group" at the bottom of the message.
      Then hit Ctrl+V (PASTE) below your response to paste the previous message below your response message.

      Our messages can sometimes get to be a lot of email. Even for DNA enthusiasts.
      If that's the case with you, you will want to read the other welcome message you will receive today on:
      Searching our Yahoo Group Messages
      Therein you will find instructions about logging on to our group and a way to change your messages to a Daily Digest format.

      Again, welcome to MexicoDNAProject
      If you have further questions, please email me directly at Gary Felix <garyf@...>

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