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413DF81+ candidates

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  • realdealtarin
    Aug 4 10:47 PM

      I was looking at Mike Walsh's R1bP312xL21 Haplotypes spreadsheet in the Yahoo Groups R1b-P312-Project and he has done a great job of sorting the various subclades (and potential candidates) under P312. Of immediate interest to me is the group that is potentially DF81+. Scanning across this group I see what looks like some very telling marker values that possibly identify DF81 individuals. Two Hispanics in this group have tested positive for DF81 so far. Mike has labeled this group as "d81-1416".

      Those values are DYS458=16 (92% of the group), DYS487=14 (81% of the group) and possibly with DYS449=28 (51% of the group). These values differ from the other subclades.

      Of this group (37 individuals), the surnames are at least 75% Hispanic with many being Basque. My own results for DF81 SNP testing are due in about two weeks and I suspect I will be positive for DF81. I would encourage those individuals who are R1b-P312 and especially in the subclade DF27 having this combination of markers to get themselves tested for DF81. It is possible that DF81 may be a cluster from Basque Country.


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