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  • garyf@pacbell.net
    Aug 3, 2013
      Fimbres, Edmund EugeneFlanders>Sonora Mexico. Haplogroup R1b-P312, Most prevalent in Western Europe. See these YDNA 13 of 14 cluster of 13 matches to 6 of 100 Albania [Albanian], 1 of 587 Buenos Aires, Argentina [Admixed], 1 of 100 Bosnia and Herzegovina [Bosnian], 1 of 115 Rennes, France [French], 1 of 1078 Australia [European], 1 of 220 Central Croatia, Croatia [Croatian], 1 of 220 North Croatia, Croatia [Croatian] & 1 of 220 West Croatia, Croatia [Croatian] in this - YHRD database search. See this YDNA 28 of 29 marker match to a Fimbres in Sonora Mexico and another in an unspecified area of Mexico in this (log in first then click the following link) - SMGF database search. Oldest Ydna ancestor - Juan de Fimbres b. 1625. I've (Edmund Eugene Fimbres) determined that the Fimbres name comes from Juan de Fimbres (circa 1650) a Flamenco (Fleming) silk merchant living in Bilboa Spain (Basque country). The Fimbres name in the americas originates in Sonora where they self identified as Basque as would be expected. They are now in CA, AZ, Sonora and Baja Calfornia. Email Edmund Eugene Fimbres



      Mexico DNA Project Admin.


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