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266Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Census data vs. oral family history

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  • Joel Peres
    Jul 24 7:14 AM
      If she was 1/8, then that would make you 1/64 right?  If this is the case, there's still a chance that she was an Octoroon but with you being her Great Grandchild, it may not show up on Family Finder in your generation.  However, it may be picked up by 23andme. 
      Joel F Peres
      Chandler, AZ 

      On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 9:37 PM, tsmith53us <teresalovesla@...> wrote:

      The word I found on 1910 census for my GreatGreatgrandmother was "Octoroon" which means 1/8th African American....none found in my DNA
      Our family oral history is that she was born in Texas before Texas became a State...her birth date is 1838. so it would be considered Mexico technically. Same for a lot of the other family members.
      I think that the census takers did not really clarify....just like the spelling of the names. her name was Victoria...sounds like Bictoria when spoken with a accent so that is what was written. My Grandmothers sex was put down as Male on one census probably because she was wearing overalls because they picked cotton, did they bother to ask or just made assumptions....
      the family oral history was that they were Apache but do you say you are Apache when they are still hunting down Apaches for a bounty?
      others experiences?

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