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241Re: Family Tree DNA--Indians from Mexico

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  • earthchild_marie
    Jul 15, 2013
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      > > Hello, I am part Cherokee and do lots of genealogy on Mexican Indians.  I have emailed you.  Marie Brito of Spokane WA
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      > Hi, I don't even know where to start All I really know is my mom's family were very close, intermarrying among cousins often. They came from Agualeguas, Mier, Parras, and Cadayeta. Those are all small towns in a cluster in Northeastern Mexico. But these families were not part of the colony founders the way my father's families were. And they had to work to finally save enough money to buy a farm unlike my dad's families which got Spanish land grants. The very earliest female name I have is named Pascuala without a last name. I think that may be an indication that she was Indian. But I can't find my Franco relatives even in the Mexican Census reports. Everything I've learned has been from Mexican Parish Church Baptismal, Death, and Marriage records that ancestry.com has. It did find them in the US Census Records.
      > Thanks for your e=mail. Orfa
      Orfa, if your ancestor had no surname, yes she was Indian. I have not done research in the states you mention, altho I may have had some Brito people there. Sorry. Marie
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