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203Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Origins of Anza's Troops 1774?

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  • Teddi Montes
    Jul 5 10:01 PM
      Thank you.  I will see abt ordering this film.  I believe I looked at it 20 yrs ago but its time to review.  Marcial's son, Ramon, is found on an 1801 presidio muster at Santa Cruz (as an invalido) and I have been unable to find much more regarding padrones of those northern sites.

      Teddi Montes

      On Jul 5, 2013, at 1:22 PM, Gregory Pisano wrote:


      Teddy - here is the link https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/145606 to a listing of company rosters from northern Mexico in 1818.  Would this be of any help to you?


      Gregory Pisaño

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      Marcial Sanchez was a soldier in Anza's 1774 expedition to find a
      route to California from Sonora. He has a son born 1754 in Suamca.
      He appears as a godparent in 1760 at Guevavi. His wife was Vicenta
      Azedo. I have spent over 40 years getting to where I am now in my
      research and it is a slooooow process.

      I have been trying to figure out just where his origins lie. I have 3
      possibilities-from the south ie Alamos or southward; from the
      Chihuahua-Durango area or even possibly from New Mexico. I have done
      autosomal testing on 4 grand children of Marcial's only known grandson
      plus a couple of great grandchildren of the same grandson. I have also
      done the Sanchez Y.

      So far the well-researched NON Sanchez side of Baja California
      soldiers (Californios) seems to be confirmed (DNA) but I have very
      little on anything I can regard as the Sanchez line.

      Anyone have any luck tracking down presidial troops' origins in the
      area of what is now southern Arizona and very northern Sonora pre-1800?

      I have been scouring the Mission 2000 and DRSW databases but this was
      a tough time in history for all to be hangin' in that area in the


      Teddi Montes
      The Californio DNA Project
      My other 4WD is a Baja mu;e!

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