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    Jul 3, 2013

      My mother's people the Rendons were originally from Monterrey, Cerralvo and Cadeyreta Nuevo Leon since the late 1500's.  Her  Y through her Dad was R1B1 M73. Her maternal X was A.  I carry my Mom's X-A haplogroup.  Thru my Dad, Hernandez line my Y is E1b1b1a1a-V12. Through FTDNA I have discovered many new Salinas relatives in the autosomal test.


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        My mother's mtDNA thru FTDNA is also B4'5. Her mother was born in Parras, a small town in northern Mexico, next to Mier and Agualeguas, all in Nuevo Leon or Tamaulipas, Mexico. The extended family has been in South Texas and as far north as Crystal City since the Mexican Revolution of 1910 although they came and went since before that. Her family had a lot of intermarriages. Her parents were double cousins, that is through both parents. I have no idea what Native tribe they could be. The family never mentioned any background. My cousin told me that she asked my grandfather once what kind of Indian he was. He had a very "typical Native American nose" and looked somewhat like the crying Native in the TV ads. He told her, angrily," Quitate de aqui!". Actually, he also was dark brown which no one else in the family was so I assumed he might also have some Black ancestry. I've just ordered a Family Finder test on my mother since they already have a DNA sample.
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      My spouse is B4'5.  Her maternal grandma was born in a small town outside of Guaymas Sonora.  They migrated into the Nogales Az area in the early 1900's and also use to live in Guadalupe AZ. Her oldest uncle could speak Yaqui.  He told me he went to school with Yaqui children in a town I believe he called Empalme Sonora, outside of Guaymas. I believe the B haplogroup may be common to the Yaqui?


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      From what state within Mexico or the American Southwest is your most distant related ancestress along your maternal line?
      I'm also B2.
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      On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:52 AM, alicebb@... <alicebb@...> wrote:
      Greetings Group,I've tested YDNA R-L176.2 and mtDNA B2. I've found tons of information on the Y DNA, but very little specifics on the mtB2 other than the generic Native American. Is B2 too far up on my haplogroup tree and requires further testing to get more specific? Thanks so much for your help.Alice
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