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155Native American YDNA

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    Jul 1, 2013
      My data:
      Ydna -  Haplogroup: Native American Q-M3(Q1a3a1)
      MTdna -  Haplogroup:  Native American A2h1
      Family Finder - Native American (Central America) 55.48 %, Middle East 9.53 %, Europe 34.75 %
      Pedrigree Chart: http://www.losbexarenos.org/Pedigrees/Moreno-Hill%20Pedigree.PDF
      Initially, FTDNA Family Finder had the 55.48% listed as Mayan, but now the category has been changed to Native American (Central America).
      From the marriage record, 6 Nov 1777, one of my earliest confirmed Moreno male ancestors, Nicolas Bautista Moreno, and his wife, Antonia Sanches, the record notes that they are both from the Barrio of the Tlaxcaltecos in Venado, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The marriage took place at San Sebastian Church in Venado. From that, I assume that they are both descendents from the families recuited from Tlaxcala in 1590 and settled in communities in the northern part of Mexico, with Venado being one of those communities.
      Dennis Moreno