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130Re: I am at loose ends & How Do I Join the Project?

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  • pderas1
    Jun 30, 2013
      Hi Gary,
      Thank you very much for your kind response.

      I have downloaded my uncle's RAW Family Finder DNA reports from FTDNA. I have also downloaded my own RAW autosomal DNA results from Ancestry. Now what?

      For me and other people who are finding it difficult to sort out how to go about "joining the project"...Can you please explain to us the way this is done?

      Thanks again,



      Hi Peggy,
      I tried looking for Deras in our project but came up empty.

      It is important to locate the migration pattern of your surname and it appears
      you have. It seems to be similar to my Felix line starting in the
      Zacatecas-Durango area and with your line, boarding a ship in Guaymas would
      indicate Sonora as a possibility.

      This is why I am still trying to research the earliest settlers to this area.

      The next step is joining our project and letting me post your Deras results. If
      he is in the project please let me know the kit number. Perhaps we can network
      this line and find a connection. I will also compare Ydna to look for a clearer
      migration pattern.

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