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1261New User Confusion

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  • mickeygreencherry
    Jun 9 4:24 AM

      Thank you for reading this - I enjoy the posts very much. Alas, it is abundantly clear I do not know what I am doing.  I find FTDNA pages rather cryptic and am hoping someone will be kind and willing to help me with my questions:

      1).  The Y-DNA Haplotree - any information on how to read it a meaningful way. It seems that page could benefit from the help button, but there is none.  Perhaps there is a help page, but I could not find it.

      2).  I was very hopeful that I would get some clues on the cryptic lineage of my father.  The fact that Y-DNA results came up with only one match and it is someone not even in the Mexico DNA project is a bit discouraging.  In fact, even in Y-search the matches are seemingly not helpful.

      3). The My Origins heat map is fun; but I am not sure what time period it is representing.

      4). How does one have matches with greater cM that are lower in the relationship range (for example: 48.10 cM = 2nd cousin - 4th cousin v.  92.53 cM = 3rd cousin - 5th cousin)?

      Such is my confusion.
      Thank you for any considerations.

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