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1254Re: [MexicoDNAProject] California Tribes

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  • Gary Felix
    Jun 6 9:39 PM
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      Hi Joel K,
      the Greenland samples are the most recent arrivals from NE Asia (3rd migration).

      The key is matching small tribes.  For instance a match to Mayan in FTDNA only means they have few samples from other tribes.

      Gedmatch is still down.


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      I sent an email to Ms. Bailey with the gedmatch for Native Americans.
      I think she is the administrative coordinator for NAs.
      Copy of my email

      I sent an email to Connie Mulligan, Geneticist, University of Florida, who had made comments about the Mal'ta male child having Eurasian Y/mt R/U. but no comments on the chromosomes alleles for the child that matches with the Karitiana Tribe which no admixture from European. Total isolation in the jungles of Brazil.

      I have matches with individuals with Q and A,B,C,D, and X, but no matches for MA-1, Anzick-1 and the Karitiana tribe.

      Then I have a match with Francis, chromosome 3 with a 8.3 CMS and a MRCA for 7th. generation and who, F311426, is C1c1b, does not match with MA-1, but has matches with Anzick-1 and Karitiana.

      I have sent the person an email. I can not determine the gender? 

      Do you match with Mayan, Pima and Karitiana as well as the MA-1 and the Anzick-1?
      What do you know about the East and West Greenlanders?   
      Take care.
      To gedmatchnativeproject@...
      May 20 at 10:08 PM
      Dear Ms. Bailey:

      I am an enrolled member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama.

      I and other members of the tribe are participating with Dr. Eske Willerslev DNA research.

      Will you sue Dr. research as you now use the MA-1 and the Anzick-1?

      DNA from the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama?

      My DNA matches Anzick-1, MA-1, Mayan, Pima, Karitiana, Tatar, NA Dene, North Amerindian, East and West Greenlander.

      There no members of the five civilized tribes in the gene pool; Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek and Seminole. 

      How many federal and state recognized tribal members are in the gene pool gedmatch?

      What are the names of the federal and state recognized tribes in the gene pool? 

      How may we work together?

      Joel K. Harris, Sr., Ph.D.
      Joel K. Harris, Sr., Ph.D.

      On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 1:43 PM, "Gary Felix garyf@... [MexicoDNAProject]" <MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Joel K,
      can't seem to login to gedmatch at the moment. I noticed the site is not always available or after you login you get errors.


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      Would you provide a list of the tribes you match with in California.

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