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  • Kim Beals
    May 6, 2014
      Hi Gary,
      Just thought I would share my results and give my first impressions:
      European - 80%    No big surprise there except I'm sure I have some Spain which wasn't picked up.
      New World - 9%    I'm wondering if this is a bit underestimated.
      Jewish Diaspora - 9%   There is an oral history of Ashkenazi Jewish on my mother's side which is my guess for this estimate.  Also....doesn't seem to be picking up any Sephardic which I do believe is there on my father's side.
      African - 2%
      East Asian - 1%    I believe this reflects the Native American component
      Also....I'm confused about what it is showing when you click on your oldest maternal and paternal ancestors tab.  If your parents have not tested, what does this mean?
      Thanks for your help.
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