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more on the Geronimo's skull

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  • E Bryant Holman
    This is an excerpt from http://www.guerrillanews.com/counter_intelligence/doc808.html It is part of an interview with the author of an expose about Skull and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2004
      This is an excerpt from

      It is part of an interview with the author of an expose about Skull and

      Fifteen Yale juniors are tapped for membership in Skull & Bones in April. A
      couple of weeks after being tapped, they are initiated into the society.
      Contrary to popular thought, there is no naked masturbation in coffins
      involved in Skull & Bones initiation, at least not these days. Soon after
      initiation, the new 15 members of Skull & Bones - they are called Knights
      once they are initiated - the Knights are sent to Deer Island, their private
      retreat, and there they are supposed to get to know each other and start to
      bond with the friendships that are supposed to last a lifetime, I guess. And
      then after that retreat, they go off for the summer and they scatter their
      various ways.

      When they get back in September they first do a recap. I should say Skull &
      Bones meetings occur in what's called the Tomb every Thursday and Sunday
      night for the entire academic year. Alumni can come back for parts of these
      meetings but not all. There's always a huge dinner of about four courses,
      there are speeches, presentations, Averell Harriman used to come back to the
      Tomb to talk about national security issues, McGeorge Bundy used to come
      back to the Tomb and talk about national security issues, George Bush came
      to the Tomb as recently as 1998. I don't know what he spoke about but he
      probably spoke about national security issues. So after they come back in
      September, they do a quick recap of what they did over the summer and then
      they go right into the sexual histories. Sexual histories in Skull & Bones
      are also referred to as Connubial Bliss, and that consists of one of the
      Knights standing up - he has an evening devoted to him - he stands up in a
      cozy dimly lit room in front of a painting of a woman that Skull & Bones
      also call Connubial Bliss. And then he or she is supposed to recount to the
      rest of the 14 knights, his or her entire sexual history - beginning with
      their masturbation days and moving on to times at Yale, which has not been
      appreciated by some of the girlfriends or boyfriends of the current members
      because they know their secrets are being spilled to 14 other members. That'
      s supposed to take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a night. After the sexual
      histories come the autobiographies, also called life histories. And during
      that time, again, an evening is devoted to one knight at a time. The knight
      stands up in front of the other 14 members and delivers his or her
      autobiography. This takes hours, and during that time, the other 14 members
      are allowed to critique the speech, the life and probably most importantly,
      the character of the speaker. This has actually sent many a Bonesman into
      therapy because they find out things about themselves that they don't want
      to know, and the thinking is that these criticisms can better the character
      of the Bonesman before he or she goes out into the real world, so that there
      is more of a chance of becoming a success.

      After the life histories, that usually takes them almost to the end of the
      year and they come back after winter break and pretty much January to April
      is almost exclusively devoted to elections. That is when they sift through
      the entire junior class. They weed down the juniors trying to find the ones
      that will bring the most honor and prominence to the society and who won't
      betray the society's secrets, and then the cycle starts all over again. And
      during that entire year, Skull & Bones members are said to be encouraged to
      steal. They are supposed to go out of the Tomb and bring artifacts back in
      as gifts to the Goddess. In 1917, for example, Prescott Bush, who was a
      member of Skull & Bones, and a few other members of his club were stationed
      at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. That's where Geronimo's grave was and there is a
      document in Skull & Bones (that looks to be authentic from what I know about
      how Skull & Bones codes its documents) that describes Prescott Bush and
      these other men going to Geronimo's grave, taking out Geronimo's skull and a
      few personal items, cleaning the skull with carbolic acid and eventually
      bringing it back to the Tomb. Almost 90 years later, that skull still sits
      in the Tomb. It sits in a glass case and the members still call it Geronimo.
      In the 1980s though, supposedly, one Bonesman got in touch with a member of
      an Apache tribe in Arizona, Ned Anderson and he sent him photos of Geronimo'
      s skull. He had heard that Ned Anderson was looking for the skull and said,
      "What you are looking for is not in Fort Sill. If you want Geronimo's skull,
      you have to come to New Haven." So Ned Anderson went to New Haven to try to
      find the skull.

      Eventually he got in touch with Jonathan Bush, and Jonathan Bush had him
      into his office in New York and said to him, "We will help you find what you
      're looking for." But Bush put him off for a couple of days and Ned had to
      go back to Arizona. Eleven days later, Jonathan Bush called Ned back so Ned
      came back to meet with Jonathan Bush and this time, the lawyer for Skull &
      Bones and another Bonesman were also in the conference room. There, the
      Bonesmen presented to Ned Anderson and said, "This is the skull we believe
      is Geronimo." And Ned Anderson said, "No it's not - that's the skull of a
      child." Jonathan Bush apparently said to Ned, "You should take this skull
      and take it back home." and then he produced a document, and said, "Sign
      these papers." And the papers said that Ned would promise not to reveal
      anything about the conversation and not to speak to the press about this
      whole ordeal about Geronimo's skull ever again. Ned Anderson refused the
      skull, he refused the papers, he went back home and still nobody knows if
      that skull is Geronimo or not. I would say that it is probably likely that
      the skull in there is Geronimo. Skull & Bones is also rumored to have Martin
      van Buren's skull, which I think is unlikely, but Geronimo I think is a good
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