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The Players of the Revolution

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    THE PLAYERS OF THE REVOLUTION Villa, Pancho, 1878-1923 Garrett J. E. Hernandez, Rafael L. L. De la Garza & Co., Inc. Faroas, José F. Torreón (Coahuila,
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      Villa, Pancho,  1878-1923                                                                                Garrett J. E.              

      Hernandez, Rafael L.                                                                                           L. De la Garza & Co., Inc.             

      Faroas, José F.                                                                                                          Torreón (Coahuila, México) -          

      Navarro, Raymundo E.                                                                                          Comisión de la Hacienda.

      Sommerfeld, Félix A.                                                                                              Ejercito del Norte Agencia -

      Garza,Servando C.                                                                                                      Comercial y Financiera

      Garza Zertuche, José                                                                                               Banco del Estado de Chihuahua

      Villa, Hipólito                                                                                                                 Rio Grande Valley Bank & Trust

      Madero, Alberto                                                                                                          American Bank Note Company

      Orfila, A. G.                                                                                                                       Western Cartridge Company

      Orfila, John E.                                                                                                                J. P. Morgan  &  Company

                                                                                                                                                           Manoil  &  Rhein


      There were others


      Government, support of the Resistance to Mexico.  – United States – France – Germany – Russia – and a few more.  The names of the Financiers are well known.  They were also involved in WW-1 and WW-2.  There was a lot of money to be made and they were there stealing all they could as they do today.

      Always Look at the Money to see what Really Happened

      Born in Laredo, Texas, De La Garza served as financial agent for Francisco (Pancho) Villa.  Named, Agente de Financiero de la Division del Norte in Oct. 1913, he served as President of the Banco del Estado de  Chihuahua, created by General Villa in Dec. 1913, and was Comision de la Hacienda in Torreon.  He was also President of L. De la Garza & Co. , Inc. ,  an import, Export and commission business organized in New York in 1915; other Officers were Rafael L. Hernandez and Jose F. Farias.  De La Garza left México in 1914 and moved to Los Angeles, California.  It must be noted that De la Garza Inc. involvement continued long after this move.  Pancho Villa at one point stated that Garza was no longer loyal to the Revolution.  Villa tried to smooth this over but to no avail.  Garza just pocketed more money along with the other financiers.

      Could Pancho Villa win the war if all the funds went toward the war effort ?  HE WHO HAS THE MOST MONEY WINS.


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