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2366Wire - 06-15-1914

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  • carlsilva86
    Jul 7, 2013




      "From Torreon to iSaltillo. June 15, 1914. Senor Venustiano Carranza. Your last telegram leads us to imagine that you either have not understood, or have not cared to understand, our two former telegrams. These state in their most important passage that we are paying no heed to your decision ordering General Villa to retire from his command of the Division of the North, as, indeed, we could assume no other attitude in the face of such an unwise, anti-constitutionalist and unpatriotic order. We have succeeded in convincing General Villa, that the pledges he has given to the nation, require his continuance in command of the Division of the North, just as if you had not come to the malicious determination to deprive our democratic cause of its most renowned leader, in whom all Mexican liberals and democrats have centered their fondest hopes. Were he to heed your order, the Mexican people who are praying for the triumph of our cause, would not only anathematize you for such a blundering order, but it would also blame the man who, about to free his country from the brutal oppression of our enemies, laid aside his arms, in order to subject himself, through a principle of obedience, to a chief who, by his dictatorial attitude, his policy of discord in the various states he 34 visits, and his blunders in handling our foreign affairs, is defrauding the people in their hopes. We are all aware that you were only seeking the chance to dim a sun that was out-shining your light, and thwarting your desire of having no man of influence in the revolution who was not an unconditional "Carrancista" ; but, above your interests, are those of the Mexican people, who need the great and victorious sword of General Villa. In view of all the above, we inform you that the decision to advance southward is irrevocable, and that, therefore, the generals you mention in the telegram cannot obey your summons to leave for that city." ('Signed by all the generals of the Division of the North')