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Friday Sermons Hail Intifadah, Iraqi Imam Appeals to Islamic Nation

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    Friday Sermons Hail Intifadah, Iraqi Imam Appeals to Islamic Nation 27 Sep 02 [ Following is a roundup of Friday sermons carried by the news media of Saudi
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      Friday Sermons Hail Intifadah, Iraqi Imam Appeals to Islamic Nation
      27 Sep 02
      [ Following is a roundup of Friday sermons carried by the news media of
      Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Syria, Iraq, and
      Qatar on 27 September 2002:


      Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV1 in Arabic, official television
      station of the Saudi Government, carries at 0920 GMT a live sermon from the
      holy mosque in Mecca.

      Shaykh Salih Bin-Humayd delivers the sermon, which he devotes to the
      simplicity and tolerance of Islamic religion, citing verses from the Koran
      and sayings from the prophet's traditions [hadith], and giving examples of
      this simplicity on some aspects pertaining to prayers, fasting, giving alms,
      and performing pilgrimage.

      The imam then calls on Muslims to pursue this simplicity and tolerance
      in raising and educating their children and dealing with others. He calls on
      everyone in a position of high responsibility to be kind and tolerant toward
      those under him.

      The imam continues with the same subject in the second sermon. He says
      that "strict" application of religion shows "ignorance." One negative
      aspect, he adds, is that some people are very strict about minor aspects of
      worship and ignore more serious sins, such as backbiting, envy, and

      The imam concludes with a prayer to God to support Islam and Muslims,
      humble infidelity and infidels, and deal with the "tyrants, atheists, and
      all enemies of religion." He prays to God to support the "mujahidin in
      Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and everywhere." He also prays: "O God, deal
      with the usurper, occupier Jews. O God, unleash Your might on them, as it
      cannot be deterred by criminal people. O God, we ask You to deal with them
      and spare us their evils. O God, make fate turn against them."

      Riyadh Kingdom Saudi Arabia TV2 in Arabic, official television station
      of the Saudi Government, carries at 0925 GMT a sermon from the holy mosque
      in Medina.

      Shaykh Ali al-Hudhayfi delivers the sermon, which he devotes to the
      subject of backbiting, saying it is forbidden in the Koran and the hadith,
      as it corrupts the soul, sows evils, causes sedition, widens disputes,
      generates hate and envy, and leads to hostilities between relatives and with

      The imam continues with the same subject in the second sermon. He says
      backbiting is a great sin and spreading rumors is the most vicious form of

      The imam concludes with a prayer to God to support Islam and Muslims,
      humble infidelity and infidels, and destroy the enemies of religion. He
      prays: "O God, protect Muslims from the evil of their enemies. O God,
      protect Muslims and Islamic countries from plotting by their enemies." He
      also prays: "O God, unite Muslims, settle their disputes, guide them on the
      right path, remove them from darkness to light, and support them against
      Your enemy, and their enemy."


      Sanaa Republic of Yemen Television in Arabic, official television
      station of the Republic of Yemen, carries at 0901 GMT a live sermon from the
      Grand Mosque in Sanaa.

      Shaykh Akram Abd-al-Razzaq al-Ruqayhi delivers the sermon, which he
      devotes to the current Muslim calendar month of Rajab, one of the four
      "sacrosanct months" [al-ashhur al-hurum] in which fighting is forbidden and
      occasional fasting is encouraged in preparation for the holy month of
      Ramadan. The imam says that Rajab is also the month of the prophet's
      night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and ascension to the heavens [al-isra
      wa al-mi'raj], which, he says, will be the subject of his sermon next
      Friday. The imam then dwells long on Friday, as an important holiday, which
      Muslims must spend in personal cleanliness and prayer.

      In the second sermon, the imam turns to current developments. In this
      holy month of Rajab we must not forget those who are violating its sanctity
      by attacking Muslims, he says, adding: "We must not forget the Jews and
      Zionists who are occupying our land and spilling the blood of our brothers.
      We must not forget that Muslim blood is being spilled, Muslim sanctities are
      being violated, and Muslim holy places are being desecrated in Palestine,
      and that children, women, and old people are appealing to Muslims for
      support and assistance. They appeal to Muslim rulers, but no one comes to
      heir aid and stops the injustice." He continues: "We must not forget the
      United States, which is not satisfied with the death of 1 million Iraqi
      children during the siege, but is making preparations and massing armies to
      attack Iraq and kill more children and women."

      The imam then hails the anniversary of the 26 September Revolution and
      Yemeni unity and urges worshippers to give up "laziness and indifference"
      and register for the upcoming parliamentary elections. "This is one of your
      rights," he affirms.

      The imam concludes with this prayer: "O God support whoever supports
      religion and humble whoever humbles Muslims, and have mercy on the nation of
      muhammad. O God, support our brother mujahidin in Palestine and everywhere.
      O God, strengthen their hearts and wills and give them victory over their
      enemies. O God, deal with the Jews and their supporters and Christians and
      their supporters. Shake the land under their feet, instill fear in their
      heart, and freeze the blood in their veins. O God, deal with them for they
      are within your power. O God, unite Muslims and make them brothers in
      whatever pleases You." The imam also prays to God to assist the Yemeni
      president in whatever serves the wellbeing of the people and the country.


      Amman Jordan Television Channel 1 in Arabic, official television
      station of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, carries at 0940 GMT a live
      sermon from martyr King Abdallah mosque in Amman.

      Shaykh Dr. Abd-al-Nasir Abu-al-Basal, dean of the Islamic Shari'a
      College at Al-Yarmuk University, delivers the sermon, in which he urges the
      nation not to dwell on past glories, but deal with the tasks at hand. "Any
      mistakes made today will be paid by future generations," he says, adding:
      "God's victory is coming, and His promise is certain, but this will be
      according to His universal rules. We must begin the change with ourselves."

      The Koran is the teacher and guide on how to make this change, the imam
      says, and then reads a list of guidelines. He says the Koran teaches us to
      uphold the truth and admit error, learn from disasters, unite as unity is
      power and disunity is weakness, defend national rights, and fear no one but

      In the second sermon, the imam alludes to the upcoming anniversary of
      al-isra wa al-mi'raj, which is due on Friday, 4 October, and the heroism of
      Muslims in early Islam, saying other nations want to cow and humble this
      nation, and therefore power is essential to achieve peace.

      The imam concludes with a prayer to God to unite Muslims, support the
      "mujahidin everywhere," and deal with the enemies of religion. He prays to
      God to enable King Abdallah II and all Muslim rulers to govern according to
      the Koran and the hadith.


      Gaza Palestine Satellite Channel Television in Arabic, official
      television station of the Palestinian Authority, and Gaza Voice of Palestine
      Second Program in Arabic, official radio station of the Palestinian
      Authority broadcasting from Gaza, carry at 0940 GMT a live sermon from
      Shaykh Ijlin mosque in Gaza.

      Shaykh Jamal Abu-al-Hanud delivers the sermon, which he begins by
      alluding to al-isra wa al-mi'raj, saying it is unfortunate that the
      anniversary is due without Muslims being able to go to Al-Aqsa Mosque to
      mark this anniversary. Addressing this inability to go to the mosque, the
      imam says do not feel sad, for the night will end and the chains will be

      Turning to current developments, the imam alludes to the "difficult
      circumstances, in which the oppressive occupier carries out his continuous
      aggression," and says that the people must have faith in God and the justice
      of their cause. "The will of this people," he adds, "is stronger than the
      enemy's sophisticated weapons and military arsenal. The will of the
      Palestinian people cannot be shaken. Their determination will not soften,
      because God is with us and we have a just cause. God has willed that we
      should be the people of steadfastness and sacrifice, as Palestine is the
      gateway to heaven." He attributes that to the miracle of the night journey
      and ascension to heaven from Jerusalem.

      "Palestine," the imam continues, "is also the gateway of Arabdom and
      Islam. It is the gateway of the Arabs and Muslims and its steadfast people
      are defending their right to life and honor, as well as the honor of the
      Arab and Islamic nation." He then makes an emotional plea to God to give
      victory to the Palestinians over the "occupier enemy" and end the siege on
      the people and the leader.

      The imam says that the intifadah will continue until the achievement of
      our national rights and establishment of the independent Palestinian state
      with Holy Jerusalem as its capital. He says: "We steadfast Palestinian
      people are not advocates of aggression or terrorism against anyone. The
      Palestinian people call for freedom and the achievement of their usurped
      rights. The Palestinian people aspire for the prevalence of a just,
      comprehensive peace in the entire region so that everyone would secure his
      right to life." He hails Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and the public
      uprising in defense of the leader, which, he says, proves their love and

      The imam says: "The message of the intifadah to our Arab and Islamic
      nation on its third year is that we stick to the pledge to God and his
      prophet and that we stand firm on rights and principles. We will not soften
      or calm down. We will sacrifice our lives for you, O Al-Aqasa, O Jerusalem,
      O Palestine." He appeals for Arab support and chivalry.

      The imam continues: "The message of our intifadah to the whole world
      and the United States, as it enters its third year, is that the Palestinian
      people reject dictates from anyone. They reject outside and hostile
      dictates. They are the ones who will choose their leader and leadership." He
      says: "These people have the right to live and breathe the air of freedom in
      their independent state. The refugees have the right to return to their
      homes. We have the right to live like the rest of the world without
      occupation, colonialism, and killing." The imam hails the Arab and Islamic
      nations and says they can take action.

      In the second sermon, the imam urges worshippers to fear God and know
      that He watches their actions. He prays to God to stand by the Palestinians
      in their siege and sacrifices for the sake of freedom. He hails Palestinian
      mothers for sacrificing their sons for the cause of freedom. The imam makes
      this appeal: "From this pure place, we appeal to the ulema of our Arab and
      Islamic World and mosque imams, especially the imams of the Holy Mosque in
      Mecca and the holy mosque in Medina, to pray to God to help us triumph over
      our enemies, remove the siege on us and our leader, and attain our hopes."

      The imam concludes with this prayer: "O God, deal with our enemies,
      your enemies and the enemies of religion. O God, whoever wishes us, Islam,
      and Muslim goodness, make him succeed in his good endeavor, and whoever
      wishes us, Islam, and Muslim evil make his plotting destroy him." He also
      prays for the unity of Palestinians.

      Ramallah Voice of Palestine, official radio station of the Palestinian
      Authority, was not observed to carry the Friday Sermon from Al-Aqsa Mosque
      in Jerusalem.


      Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Radio in Arabic, official station of the
      Syrian Government, carries at 0947 GMT a live sermon from Sa'd Bin-Mu'adh
      mosque in Damascus.

      Shaykh Abd-al-Razzaq al-Mu'min delivers the sermon, which he devotes to
      the upcoming al-isra wa al-mi'raj anniversary. Contrary to its peaceful
      name, the imam says, the month of Rajab is marked by death, destruction, and
      massacres backed by world forces, "especially that country, which considers
      itself a superpower." Yet, he adds, it is trying "by its weapons,
      devastation, and threats to the world" to engage in an unprecedented
      terrorism in history.

      The imam refers to the miracle of al-isra wa al-mi'raj and says it
      could also happen to God's subjects. He urges worshippers to pray deeply to
      God for unity and protection and God "shall not allow the United States or
      any other striking power on earth to dominate His subjects," he says.

      Emphasizing Arab-Islamic unity, the imam says Arab and Islamic honor is
      one. "Thank God, the nation is unanimous that any threat against any country
      in the Arab homeland is a threat to the whole Arab homeland and to the whole
      of the Arab and Islamic nation. We must emphasize Arab-Islamic unity,
      activate it, and make it harmonious and cooperative. The Islamic World is
      the natural extension of the Arab World. Arabdom is the body and Islam is
      its spirit, as the late President Hafiz al-Asad said on this central issue."

      Turning to mundane issues, the imam praises the development reform
      program led by President Bashar al-Asad and calls for everyone's cooperation
      for its fulfillment.

      In the second sermon, the imam urges worshippers to fast in the month
      of Rajab, and the following month of Sha'ban in preparation for the fasting
      month of Ramadan.

      The imam concludes with a general prayer for the wellbeing of the
      Islamic nation. He prays: "O God, whoever wishes this religion and Arab and
      Muslim countries goodness, make him successful and help him in his good
      endeavor. And, whoever wishes this nation and Arab and Muslim countries
      evil, plotting, problems, and sedition turn his plotting, problems, and
      sedition against him, for You are Omnipotent." He prays to God to make
      Muslims love and be tolerant to one another and all Arab and Islamic rulers
      succeed in the wellbeing of the nation. He also prays for the success of
      President Bashar al-Asad in the achievement of rights.


      Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic, official television
      station of the Iraqi Government, carries at 0913 GMT a live sermon from
      Abu-Hanifah mosque in Baghdad.

      Shaykh Dr. Abd-al-Ghafur Muhammad al-Qaysi delivers the sermon, which
      he begins by emphasizing that the faithful are always protected by God, and
      therefore they must not despair of His protection and victory.

      Turning to current affairs, the imam says we are saddened by the
      present condition of our nation, as its enemies are lying in wait for it so
      as to divide and dominate it. "Our enemy," he adds, "is vicious and cunning.
      It will seize any opportunity to separate the people of one nation. It will
      look for any opening to penetrate the nation. Therefore, whoever leaves a
      crack for the enemy betrays God and his prophet. Whoever, allows the enemy
      to penetrate through an opening under any excuse, serves the enemy and
      betrays this religion, nation, and homeland and these principles and

      The imam devotes the rest of the sermon to making this direct appeal to
      the Islamic nation: "The enemy lurks and penetrates through hidden cracks.
      And if the Muslim allows him a crack to penetrate through under any slogan
      or name is considered a traitor. Therefore, beloved ones, the Islamic nation
      must stand now in face of these savage threats and this US tyranny as one
      man. We must resort to our religion. We must show our power. We must
      consider God's shari'a regarding our nation and religion. The enemy has
      massed its troops and planned its vicious intentions. It will not go back
      unless it is repulsed by force. The force that will repulse the enemy is the
      unity of this nation and the people of this religion everywhere.

      "O followers of the beloved Muhammad everywhere, O followers of the
      messenger of God, O those who believe in Allah as God, Muhammad, may the
      peace and blessings of God be upon him, as prophet, and Islam as religion,
      beware of the seriousness of the situation. Beware of the danger of the
      aggression. The United States is not targeting Iraq alone. The United States
      is targeting Islam. The United States is targeting the Arabs. The United
      States is targeting the world. If it singled out a country and the nation
      remained silent, it would move to another country.

      "But, we in Iraq have sought the help of God, abide by God, and depend
      on God. We wish that the aggression would not take place. But, if it takes
      place, and our honor and soil were desecrated, we would die martyrs for the
      sake of God. The land of pure Iraq, the land of the prophets, saints,
      learning, and ulema shall not be defiled by the filthy, thanks to the strong
      faith of this people, the power and capability of the wise leadership, and
      the fact that the faithful leader has placed his trust in God. This is
      reflected on all the people. We are strong with our faith, honor, and God,
      Who cannot be overcome.

      "If the damned ones tried their luck, they will not be able to touch
      Iraq. They will only win disappointment and the curse of history. They are
      following their whims and the Devil has nested in their heads. But, we pray
      to God to make them go back on their aim and return to their sons. We also
      call upon Muslims all over the world to stand in one rank in face of this
      tyranny. They make all kinds of excuses, and every time Iraq refutes an
      excuse, they resort to another. Here is their excuse, which they have been
      drumming -- namely, the entry of the inspectors, who entered in the past,
      spied, and harmed this country -- falling also from their hands. Here is
      Iraq opening its doors before fair inspectors. We hope that this would be
      the last excuse, but we doubt that, because their premeditated evil and
      intentions have no end.

      "But, we have adhered, abided, and depended on God. We pray to God
      Almighty to spare our country of every evil, support us with His victory and
      the devout sons of this religion."

      The imam devotes the second sermon to a prayer to God for the support
      of Islam and Muslims. He prays: "O God support our brother mujahidin in
      Palestine. O God, support the intifadah people. O God, support the people of
      Palestine. O God, support the children, whose limbs have been severed. O
      God, support the women, who lost their children. O God, support the
      prostrate old people. O God, support the tearful mothers in the land of
      Palestine. O God, unleash your might on the criminal Jews. O God, disappoint
      the Americans. O God, make their planning lead to their destruction. O God,
      use Your might on them. O God, destroy them. O God, shake the land under
      their feet. O God, save our country. O God, keep us safe in our land. O God
      save us from the plotting of the plotters, the injustice of the oppressors,
      and the evil of the evil doers." He also prays for God's support for the
      leader of the faithful, Saddam Husayn.


      Doha Television Service in Arabic, official television station of the
      State of Qatar, carries at 0852 GMT a live sermon from Umar Bin-Al-Khattab
      mosque in Doha.

      Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian cleric based in Qatar, delivers
      the sermon. He begins by recalling the Islamic nation's past glories and
      saying that despite its ups and downs, this nation will not die, "as it is
      the nation that carries the last message to mankind." The factors of its
      eternity are the Holy Koran and hadith, he says, adding that the other
      factors are its devout ulema and "latent power," which only appears in times
      adversity. "This latent power," he notes, "appeared in Afghanistan, when its
      people resisted the biggest atheist power on earth and in history, the
      Soviet Union, with their personal weapons. This nation's latent power also
      appeared in the Palestinian intifadah."

      Al-Qaradawi affirms that the nation can live, become eternal, and
      challenge others if it knew the secrets of its power and eternity. First, he
      says, is adherence to the Koran, hadith, and the shari'a. He adds: "The
      nation, or the different regimes, have tried socialism, nationalism,
      democracy, and revolution. But, all that did not help it. What helped it was
      when it cried, Allahu Akbar, and marched behind the call of faith. The
      shari'a must be understood correctly away from the extremism of the
      extremists and the neglect of the negligent. It must be understood the
      enlightened centrist way."

      Second, he says, is following heavenly rules. "This universe," he adds,
      "is run by these rules. Whoever works hard produces and whoever sows the
      land reaps it, whether Muslim or infidel. The land cannot give its fruit to
      a Muslim who has abandoned it. But it will give it to an infidel if he
      handled it well. God cannot possibly make ignorance triumph over science,
      chaos over order, backwardness over progress and disunity over unity. Our
      enemies, the Jews, who occupied our land, violated our sanctities, and
      spilled our blood work according to these rules. They planned, organized,
      united, prepared their force, and benefited from world conflicts. They
      studied and worked and their learned men met and planned. But, our nation
      has not planned. Until when will we say we are the victims of foreign
      planning? This nation must consider God's rules and know why nations triumph
      or fail, rise or fall."

      Third, Al-Qaradawi says, is unity and cooperation. Muslims, he adds,
      must unite as one man, because if the nation is divided, if Muslims fight
      one another, if some of them become agents for other powers, and if they
      fear one another, the nation will become weak. What our nation suffers
      today, he continues, is this big gap between rulers and ruled, and even the
      rulers are separated from one another. "This nation," he pleads, "must
      ignore all calls and agree on the minimum. This nation can only come
      together if its program and aim is one. Its aim must be to please God
      Almighty. It must make its course the adherence to Islam, the rules of
      Islam, the morals of Islam, the values of Islam, and the manners of Islam.
      It must not budge an inch from them."

      In the second sermon, Al-Qaradawi notes that the Palestinian intifadah
      has entered its third year and that Sharon, who pledged to liquidate it in
      100 days, has failed. The intifadah, he says, continues despite "Zionist
      tyranny" and "US arrogance" that supplies it with weapons and political
      support. He goes on: "The intifadah is still deeply rooted. The Palestinian
      people are still showing us miracles, heroics, and splendid operations every
      day. We enjoy the intifadah, and are proud of it. Hail with me these
      Palestinian people, these steadfast, patient, enduring, and steadfast
      people. Hail their men, their women, their youths, their old people, and
      their children. Hail all these people. Bless you, O people of Palestine."

      Al-Qaradawi makes this appeal: "O heroic Palestinians, O steadfast,
      patient, enduring and steadfast people, stick to your pledge. Do not
      hesitate. Rest assured that victory is yours, God willing." He adds: "I call
      upon my brother Palestinians to remain firm and not hesitate and move
      forward and not retreat. I ask Abu-Ammar [Yasir Arafat] to learn the lesson.
      What he said about his brothers, when he accused them of being terrorists
      and their acts as crimes and terrorist acts, has not helped him before these
      oppressive tyrants. Let him learn the lesson and let this nation also learn

      Al-Qaradawi concludes with a prayer for the wellbeing of the nation. He
      prays: "O God, support our brothers in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya,
      Afghanistan, and everywhere. O God, direct their shots, strengthen their
      power, unite them on what is right, guide them on the right course, give
      them final victory, watch over them, and protect them. O God, give them
      victory over your enemies, the enemies of religion. O God, give them victory
      over the aggressor, treacherous Jews. O God, give them victory over the
      rancorous, plotting Crusaders. O God, give them victory over the fanatic,
      oppressive atheists. O God, give them victory over all their enemies, the
      enemies of religion. O God, we ask You to face them and spare us their
      evils. O God, O revealer of the Book, mover of clouds, and vanquisher of
      infidels, defeat them and give us victory over them."
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