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JPost Journalist Blau gets 4 months community service

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    *JPost*Mon, Sep 3, 2012 *The Jerusalem Post * *Journalist Blau gets 4 months community service* By JPOST.COM STAFF 09/03/2012 13:15 *Ha aretz reporter
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      JPost   Mon, Sep 3, 2012

      The Jerusalem Post


      Journalist Blau gets 4 months community service


      09/03/2012 13:15

      Ha'aretz reporter sentenced for aggravated espionage, after pleading guilty to obtaining classified information from Anat Kamm.





      The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Monday handed down a four month suspended prison sentence to former Ha'aretz journalist Uri Blau, which will be served as community service.


      In July, Blau pleaded guilty to possessing classified information without intent to harm state security, after citing classified IDF documents stolen by Anat Kamm in reports accusing the IDF of defying a High Court ruling against targeted killings.


      The Tel Aviv District Court convicted Blau of aggravated espionage.


      The conviction came after Blau’s lawyers and the state reached a plea deal earlier in July, under which Blau agreed to plead guilty in return for a four-month sentence.


      Blau obtained around 1,800 classified IDF documents from Kamm on a portable USB storage device.


      Kamm, who stole the documents during her military service, is serving a four and a half year prison term following her conviction in February – also under a plea bargain – in which she pleaded guilty to gathering and storing classified military documents and transferring them to Blau.


      Joanna Paraszczuk contributed to this report.

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