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RIA Novosti - Palestinians Seek Heritage Status for 'Endangered Village'

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    *RIA Novosti- *1/6/2012** Agence russe *Palestinians Seek Heritage Status for Endangered Village * Le village de Battir Village of Battir
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012

      RIA Novosti  - 1/6/2012

      Agence russe  


      Palestinians Seek Heritage Status for 'Endangered Village'



      Le village de
      Village of Battir





      14:58 31/05/2012

      The Palestinian Authority will ask the UN cultural agency, Unesco, next month to give protected status to the ancient West Bank village of Battir, in a bid to save it from a controversial separation barrier being built by Israel, the Haaretz newspaper reported.

      The request is expected to be formally submitted at Unesco's annual World Heritage convention in St. Petersburg, on June 24.


      Israel says the routing of the 400-kilometer long barrier is due to security considerations.

      But the 72-page Palestinian request says it will put the village, built on a steep hill south of Jerusalem, "at risk."


      Battir inhabitants say the barrier would destroy the village's traditional terrace agriculture and have been engaged in a legal battle with Israeli authorities since 2005, Haaretz says.

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