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India asks Israel to speed up supply of radars

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  • Josh Pollack
    India Wants Arms Purchases Deals With Israel, United States Expedited SAP20020601000078 Mumbai The Times of India (Internet Version-WWW) in English 01 Jun 02
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      India Wants Arms Purchases Deals With Israel, United States Expedited
      SAP20020601000078 Mumbai The Times of India (Internet Version-WWW) in
      English 01 Jun 02

      [PTI Report: "India asks Israel to speed up supply of radars" ]

      [FBIS Transcribed Text]
      NEW DELHI: With the Pakistani military threatning to use nuclear and
      conventional missiles in case of a conflict, India has asked Israel to speed
      up supply of a large number of Aerostat Ballons to give it capability to
      detect incoming attacks on targets upto 500 kms.

      The two countries have recently concluded an agreement to this effect
      and now Tel Aviv has been asked to speed up the delivery of the system,
      which is also capable of providing an in-depth battlefield surveillance as
      well as track incoming enemy artillery shells, top defence ministry
      officials said.

      As part of measures to further bolster defence against missiles,
      officials said New Delhi was according top priority to upgrading border
      radar systems as well as looking keenly at the United States anti-missile
      system, which is presently in testing stage.

      Officials said India was evaluating the American system, which was
      likely to be fielded by 2005-2006, with Washington inviting Indian experts
      to missile command post exercises in June.

      Asserting that India had information that Pakistan had deployed its
      clandestinely acquired Chinese and North Korean missiles, officials said "We
      have taken Islamabad threats very seriously and taken counter-measures".

      Stating that New Delhi had also some information that Pakistan may be
      trying to rein in mercenary and terrorist groups from crossing the Line of
      Control, officials said, however, "we will be looking for some permament
      markers before any de-escalation".

      "During the recent interactive exchanges, the United States officials
      had expressed apprehensions of a nulcear holocuast in the region", officials
      said adding that Washington was not very sure of Pakistani threshold.

      On the absence of the weapon locating radars with the army, ministry
      officials said the earliest India could get contracted US ANTPQ-37 system
      was 24 months. However, they added that with augmentation of Unmanned Aerial
      Vehicles supplies to all the three services, the UAV as well as the about to
      be acquired Aerostats could fill the void.

      Officials also said that recently the country had gone in for massive
      import of 155MM ammunition adding that army had huge stores to meet any

      They also said India's battle prepardness had recently received a boost
      with induction of the state-of-the-art T-90 tanks which had been deployed in
      the current ongoing mobilisation.

      "The next batch of another 60 tanks would be here in another week and
      after week-long trials would be pushed onto the frontlines", they said.

      Officials said that during the just concluded Indo-US Defence Policy
      Group (DPG) meeting, the Americans had agreed to speed up supplies of
      specialised equipment for counter-terrorism including sensors to detect
      infiltrations and night visions and superior small arms for the special

      On the Hawk AJT deal, the officials said that Price Negotiating
      Committee (PNC) had submitted its report to the government, which would open
      final negotiations with the British Aerospace to sign the million Pound
      sterling deal to acquire 66 Hawk trainers.

      They said that during the recent discussions, the British Foreign
      Secretary Jack Straw had made it clear that there was no move to ban the
      sale of Hawks or to impose any sort of arms embargo on India.

      On acquisition of the Russian Kiev Class Aircraft Carrier Gorshkov,
      officials said the Price Negotiating Committee had been set up, which would
      give its recommendations within four weeks.

      New Delhi, officials said had also received the draft treaty on
      conclusion of Indo-US Acqusition cross service agreement, which would enable
      the two countries to use each others armed services facilities.

      "This agreement would be finalised within next three to four weeks and
      this would mark the countries going beyond inter-services excercises",
      officials said.

      They said the two countries were also on the threshold of greater
      cooperation in peace-keeping with India joining in next round of special US
      forces peacekeeping exercises.

      "We will also be holding joint exercises on disaster management and
      disaster response even in third countries", they said adding that the two
      countries had also agreed to cooperate in environmental security like in
      fighting oil spill and nuclear waste as also seeking Washington's help in
      dealing with disposal of human waste in Siachen glacier.

      [Description of Source: Mumbai The Times of India in English -- Respected
      and widely-read flagship of the influential Times of India Group, provides
      good coverage of domestic politics and economics]

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