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Ma’an: Sources: Egypt wants to host peace talks

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    Sources: Egypt wants to host peace talks Published yesterday (updated) 31/10/2010 20:43 http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=329225 ]LONDON
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010
      Sources: Egypt wants to host peace talks
      Published yesterday (updated) 31/10/2010 20:43

      ]LONDON (Ma’an) – Egypt is contacting world and regional sides to organize
      an international peace conference, the London-based Al-Hayat daily reported
      Saturday quoting Egyptian sources.

      “Egypt considers it unbelievable that the status quo remains unchanged in
      light of Israel’s refusal to take a positive step regarding settlements,
      while the Palestinian president insists that they stop settlements before he
      resumes face-to-face talks,” a source said.

      Egyptian officials were in Ramallah days earlier trying to convince
      President Mahmoud Abbas to accept a partial freeze on construction in
      settlements, excluding settlements that Israel intends to annex in a peace
      agreement. The proposal was a US initiative aimed at restarting direct talks
      between the PLO and Israel by mid-November, the official Palestinian
      Authority news agency reported.

      Peace talks, relaunched in Washington on 2 September, reached a deadlock
      within weeks over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to
      extend temporary restrictions on settlement building on occupied Palestinian
      land. Despite pleas from the international community, full-scale settlement
      construction resumed across the West Bank as the freeze expired on 26

      'No new war on Gaza'

      Al-Hayat's source ruled out the possibility that Israel would wage war on
      Gaza as recent reports suggest.

      “Israel will remain committed to the ceasefire as long as rockets are not
      fired from the Gaza Strip at its territories and as long as Hamas does not
      carry out military activities,” the source was quoted as saying.

      Several high-ranking Israeli officers have made statements recently warning
      of a repeat of Israel's last war on the enclave, which left 1,400
      Palestinians dead and thousands injured. One senior officer, quoted in the
      Israeli daily Haaretz, said if another soldier was captured Israel's
      response would be no less severe.

      In the Gaza Strip, dismissed Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said threats to
      launch a new offensive were psychological warfare, but he does not think a
      new attack is approaching.

      His comments echoed remarks by Hamas leader Ismail Radwan, who said
      statements by army officials were propaganda to be consumed by local media.
      But the resistance is ready to respond, he said.

      Two projectiles landed in southern Israel on Saturday, an army spokesman
      said. They landed in Kerem Shalom in the northwestern Negev, and no damage
      or injuries were reported, he said.
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