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Israel: Marwan Barghouti incriminates Arafat

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  • Josh Pollack
    [Three items.] Israel: Al-Barghuthi Begins Cooperating With Interrogators, Incriminates Arafat GMP20020502000195 Israel -- FBIS Report in Hebrew 02 May 02
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2002
      [Three items.]

      Israel: Al-Barghuthi Begins Cooperating With Interrogators, Incriminates
      GMP20020502000195 Israel -- FBIS Report in Hebrew 02 May 02

      [FBIS Report]
      State-funded but independent Jerusalem Network B in Hebrew at 1700 GMT
      reports: "It clearly transpires from the investigation of senior Fatah
      leaders Marwan al-Barghuthi, Nasir Awis, and Nasir Abu-Hamid that Yasir
      Arafat approved the transfer of funds to Fatah activists, in the knowledge
      that they would be used for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.
      Security sources told our correspondent Karmela Menashe that Al-Barghuthi
      had been in direct contact with Arafat and had transferred the money to the
      activists, who used it for terrorist attacks, and received explosives from
      the PA's arsenals."

      Tel Aviv WWW-Ynet in Hebrew, a Website run by Yedi'ot Aharonot, at 1635
      GMT adds: "Shin Bet sources say that Fatah Tanzim leader Marwan
      al-Barghuthi has in recent days begun cooperating with his Shin Bet
      interrogators and, among other things, has been incriminating PA Chairman
      Yasir Arafat. Al-Barghuthi said Arafat knew that he transferred money to
      the terrorists of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Security sources say that
      Al-Barghuthi's testimony corroborates the information in documents seized by
      the IDF, showing that approval of the money transfers were signed personally
      by Arafat."

      The same Website reported at 1551 GMT: "Marwan al-Barghuthi filed a
      petition against the State of Israel and the Shin Bet this evening, through
      his lawyer Jawad Bulus. In his appeal to the High Court of Justice he
      demands to be allowed to meet with his lawyer and to have his interrogation
      conducted under the proper conditions, including 'providing him with a
      reasonable possibility to sleep.'"

      Israel: Al-Barghuthi, Other Fatah Leaders Describe Arafat's Link to
      GMP20020503000088 Jerusalem Government Press Office E-mail-Text in English
      0125 GMT 03 May 02

      [Communicated by the prime minister's media adviser: "Senior Fatah Leaders
      Describe Arafat's Link to Terrorism"]

      [FBIS Transcribed Text]
      It has become unequivocally clear from the questioning of senior Fatah
      figures now in Israeli custody (Marwan al-Barghuthi, Nasir Awis, Nasir
      Abu-Hamid and Ahmad al-Barghuthi) that Yasir Arafat personally approved
      funding for Fatah operatives, with the knowledge that it would be used to
      finance terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In addition, it was
      revealed that explosive charges used by the terrorists were supplied from
      the Palestinian Authority's own weapons depots.

      During the course Operation Defensive Shield, numerous high-ranking West
      Bank operatives of Arafat's own Fatah organization were apprehended. Their
      questioning has revealed a clear picture of the direct link between PA
      Chairman Yasir Arafat and the terrorist attacks carried out by Fatah
      members. It has become apparent that Marwan al-Barghuthi, who maintained
      direct communications with Arafat, transferred money to Fatah operatives,
      who then used the money to carry out terrorist attacks targeting Israeli
      civilians. In these operations, numerous civilians were killed. These
      disclosures render absurd the public and international debate over whether
      Arafat is "doing everything possible to prevent terrorism." These
      revelations plainly demonstrate that Arafat did indeed do "everything
      possible" -- but in the realm of "terrorism promotion" rather than
      "terrorism prevention," especially within his own Fatah organization.

      1. Marwan al-Barghuthi, head of Fatah in the West Bank, stated when
      questioned that he was personally involved in directing terrorist attacks
      which resulted in the killing and injuring of scores of Israeli civilians.
      Al-Barghuthi described in detail the transfer of funds to the terrorist
      operatives. As secretary general of Fatah, Al-Barghuthi was responsible
      for providing the funding for weapons acquisition and armed operations.
      Every operative requiring financing was made to fill out a detailed
      requisition request. Al-Barghuthi then added his recommendation and
      signature, and relayed the requests to PA Chairman Arafat. Al-Barghuthi
      stressed that every expense -- even the smallest sum -- required the
      approval of Arafat himself. After receiving Arafat's approval, the funding
      was transferred to the operatives according to the instructions of Hakim
      Bilawi, secretary of Fatah Central Committee, who was responsible for
      disbursements. In addition to Al-Barghuthi, other senior Fatah figures,
      who were subordinate to Al-Barghuthi, provided details about Arafat's role
      in the execution of terrorist attacks.

      2. Nasir Awis, head of the Fatah infrastructure in Samaria, was
      responsible for the recruiting, arming and handling of terrorist cells. He
      stated in questioning that he personally, together with other Tanzim
      terrorist operatives under his command, received funding directly approved
      by Arafat. He explained that the names of the Tanzim terrorist operatives
      were sent to Marwan al-Barghuthi, who would then present their requests for
      funding to Arafat for his signature. The operatives would subsequently
      receive checks corresponding to the approved sum. Awis admitted to having
      been behind numerous terrorist bombings and shootings in Israel, among them:

      - 17 January 2002: bombing attack at a banquet hall in Hadera, in which
      six Israelis were killed and 26 wounded.

      - 22 January 2002: shooting attack in downtown Jerusalem, in which two
      Israelis were killed and 36 wounded.

      - 25 February 2002: shooting attack in Neve Ya'aqov, Jerusalem, in which
      an Israeli policewoman was killed and 10 civilians wounded.

      - 5 March 2002: shooting attack on the Seafood Market restaurant in Tel
      Aviv, in which three Israelis were killed.

      - 9 March 2002: gun and grenade attack in the Margoa Hotel in Netanya,
      in which two Israelis were killed and 50 wounded.

      3. Nasir Abu-Hamid, one of the commanders and founders of the Al-Aqsa
      Martyrs Brigades, was responsible for numerous shooting attacks, explosive
      charges and suicide bombings. He revealed during questioning that he and his
      men received funding and weapons from Marwan al-Barghuthi, through Marwan's
      aide, Ahmad al-Barghuthi. Abu-Hamid stated that Marwan al-Barghuthi was
      informed of the details of every operation carried out by himself and his
      men. Marwan al-Barghuthi was also involved in the decision regarding the
      procurement of weapons for the terrorist cells, and even provided the
      payment approval for these weapons. Abu-Hamid and his men were responsible
      for the following terrorist attacks:

      - 24 November 2000: shooting attack near Aqrabah in which an Israeli
      civilian was killed.

      - 21 December 2000: shooting attack on Route 443, in which an Israeli
      civilian was killed

      - 31 December 2000: shooting attack near Ofra, in which the Kahana
      couple was killed and their five children wounded.

      - 19 May 2001: planting of an explosive device in the Biancini Pub in

      - 27 January 2002: suicide attack on Yafo Road in Jerusalem, in which
      one Israeli was killed and dozens wounded.

      - 27 February 2002: murder of the owner of the Bashkevitz factory in
      Atarot, Jerusalem, and the premature detonation of a suicide bomb near the
      Makkabim roadblock in which the female terrorist was killed.

      During questioning, Abu-Hamid also revealed the involvement of Force 17,
      Arafat's Presidential Guard, in the execution of terrorist attacks.
      Abu-Hamid stated that his men would receive the explosive devices needed for
      their terrorist operations from the Force 17 weapons depots.

      Similarly, terrorist operatives subordinate to Abu-Hamid also described
      Force 17's complicity in attacks. They stated that Force 17 members would
      regularly assemble explosive devices, which they then provided to Fatah
      operatives to use in their terrorist operations.

      4. Ahmad al-Barghuthi, personal aide to Marwan al-Barghuthi, personally
      dispatched suicide bombers to their terrorist missions, in which dozens of
      Israeli civilians were killed and hundreds wounded. When questioned he
      provided details about the numerous attacks in which he was involved,

      - 25 January 2001: shooting attack against an Israeli van near the
      Atarot industrial park in Jerusalem, in which one Israeli was killed.

      - 25 February 2001: shooting attack against an Israeli vehicle west of
      Bi'r Zayt, in which an Israeli was critically wounded in the head.

      - 25 August 2001: drive-by shooting near the Bet Horon service station,
      in which three Israelis were killed and two infants wounded.

      - 3 October 2001: drive-by shooting on Route 9 in Jerusalem, in which
      two Israelis were wounded

      - 15 January 2002: shooting attack on an Israeli vehicle near the Giv'at
      Ze'ev service station, north of Jerusalem, in which the driver was killed
      and her companion wounded.

      The picture that emerges from the questioning of those apprehended
      during Operation Defensive Shield reveals the direct involvement of Arafat
      in the terrorism carried out by his Fatah organization. Noteworthy is the
      fact that the particulars of this terrorist connection, described by the
      senior Fatah/Tanzim figures themselves, were supported and corroborated by
      the numerous documents captured in the offices of the various PA security
      organs in the course of the operation.

      [Description of Source: Jerusalem Government Press Office E-mail-Text in
      English -- Israeli Government Press Office; root URL on filing date:

      PA's Dahlan Denies 'False' Israeli 'Allegations' About Marwan al-Barghuthi
      GMP20020503000178 Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic
      1810 GMT 03 May 02

      [FBIS Report]

      Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic, independent
      television station financed by the Qatari Government, at 1810 GMT on 3 May
      carries a 6-minute interview with Colonel Muhammad Dahlan, head of the
      Palestinian Preventive Security Department in the Gaza Strip, via satellite
      from Gaza, by anchor Adnan al-Sharif in the Doha studio.

      Answering a question on whether the Palestinian leadership has decided
      to release Fu'ad al-Shawbaki, a finance officer in the Palestinian Authority
      [PA], and Ahmad Sa'adat, secretary general of the Popular Front for the
      Liberation of Palestine, Dahlan says that no decision has yet been made in
      this issue but the Palestinian leadership is currently meeting to discuss
      this issue.

      Asked about the negotiations at the Church of the Nativity, Dahlan says:
      "I have learned that the negotiations were suspended this evening because we
      have not complied with the Israeli demands of providing list of the names of
      the besieged brothers in the church. We hope this problem will be solved
      within the next few days or hours because we want to be free to establish a
      political platform, in coordination with the Arab states, in order to follow
      up what is being prepared in Washington in terms of an agreement between the
      United States and the European countries, and also in coordination with the
      Arab states. The aim is to bring Sharon to the political negotiations
      table based on implementing international legitimacy resolution, instead of
      going around in circles about security and partial issues, which will
      neither bring security to the Israeli people nor realize peace."

      Dahlan alludes to an "allegation" and a "false report" by Israel about
      Fatah official Marwan al-Barghuthi. He blames al-Jazirah for "repeating"
      this Israeli report many times and says: "Brother Adnan, you have copied an
      Israeli report and your denial of the report came after you carried it
      several times. This harmed the history and struggle of brother Marwan,
      which was a symbol of this intifadah. It harmed the reputation of Marwan's
      family after this long struggle. Now he is languishing in an Israeli jail.
      You have done well to broadcast a denial of this report after all."

      No further processing planned.

      [Description of Source: Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in
      Arabic -- Independent Television station financed by the Qatari Government]

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