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JPost -Riots in east Jerusalem; 1,000 join funeral procession

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  • Paul
    JPost - Wed, Sep 22, 2010 The Jerusalem Post Riots in east Jerusalem; 1,000 join funeral procession By JPOST.COM STAFF 09/22/2010 10:04
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2010
      JPost - Wed, Sep 22, 2010
      The Jerusalem Post
      Riots in east Jerusalem; 1,000 join funeral procession
      09/22/2010 10:04


      32-year-old east J'lem resident shot and killed by a security guard in
      Silwan after residents threw rocks, blocked streets with trash cans.

      Large riots erupted in east Jerusalem on Wednesday, and approximately
      1,000 people joined a funeral procession for a Palestinian man killed by
      an Israeli security guard in Silwan on Wednesday morning.

      Police reported that attendees threw stones at officers and vehicles
      causing light injuries, and that a police vehicle was set alight near
      Jerusalem's Old City. Three buses were also destroyed,.

      There were also riots in Kfar Silwan on Wednesday morning after the
      32-year-old east Jerusalem resident was killed.

      The security guard was driving a security vehicle on his way to a
      settler home when residents blocked the street with trash cans and began
      hurling rocks at him.

      The guard, fearing for his life, then allegedly opened fire with his
      personal firearm at a group of rock throwers and killed a resident.
      Police found two knives and screwdriver on the body of the victim who
      had a previous criminal history and was known to police.

      Ofer Rosenman, manager of the security company which the security guard
      is employed by, spoke to Channel 2 news about the incident.

      "Today, between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., a security jeep was driving on a
      street at the outskirts of the neighborhood. Usually there are two
      security guards, but this time there was only one," he explained. "At
      the Amudim junction, the street was blocked by several suspicious
      individuals, it was really like an ambush."

      Rosenman told Channel 2 news that Palestinians surrounded the vehicle
      from every direction.

      "They threw rocks and Molotov cocktails, so the guard exited his vehicle
      and shot in the air and then shot at one of the people after he felt
      that they wanted to kidnap him."

      According to Rosenman, after the man was shot, two others arrived and
      attempted to treat him.

      According to Channel 2 news, the security guard is employed by a
      security company which was hired to protect Jewish residents living in
      east Jerusalem. The company belongs to the Housing Office and its role
      is to prevent attacks on residents and structures. Rosenman said that
      security guards are attacked everyday:

      "We are talking about attacks with rocks, metal poles and gunshots
      several times a day," he explained.

      The security guard was arrested and taken for investigation by the police.

      After the incident, riots broke out as youths took to the streets to
      protest the incident. Police and Border Police fired tear gas and flash
      grenades at protesters who threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at security
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