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JPost - Jewish leaders slam German resolutions

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    JPost - The Jerusalem Post Jewish leaders slam German resolutions By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL 07/02/2010 04:17 German Parliament to discuss resolutions condemning
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      JPost -
      The Jerusalem Post
      Jewish leaders slam German resolutions
      07/02/2010 04:17

      German Parliament to discuss resolutions condemning IDF flotilla raid.


      BERLIN – The German parliament was slated on Thursday evening to discuss
      and vote on resolutions slamming the Jewish state for its interception
      of a flotilla heading for Gaza in open violation of a naval blockade.

      In what appears to be precedent-setting German parliamentary action
      against Israel, the major parties – ranging from the Christian
      Democratic Union/Christian Social Union and its governing coalition
      partner the Free Democrats, to the Social Democrats and the Green Party
      – drafted a resolution urging Israel to agree to an international
      inquiry and end its blockade of Gaza.

      The Central Council of Jews on Wednesday issued an angry condemnation of
      the German parliamentary resolutions.

      “This behavior is unparalleled in the history of the friendship between
      Germany and Israel and worsens the conflict in the Middle East, instead
      of facilitating peace prospects,” wrote the heads of the council.

      The German Jewish organization criticized all the German parties, saying
      “the planned joint motion by the CDU/CSU, FDP, SPD and Alliance 90/The
      Greens, as well as a separate motion by the Left Party, are based on
      incomplete information and a mixture of half-truths and public prejudices.”

      The Central Council termed sections of the media and the public as
      engaging in a “one-sided bias against Israel.”

      According to the text of the draft resolution of all parties, there is a
      call “to support the demand for an international investigation of the
      operation against the ‘solidarity fleet,’ as was again demanded by the
      secretary-general of the United Nations, which would consider the
      behavior of both sides...”

      The resolution further criticized Israel for “violating the principle of
      proportionality” by employing violence against the radical activists
      aboard the Mavi Marmara.

      “The blockade of Gaza is counterproductive and does not serve the
      security interests of Israel,” wrote the party leaders.

      The Israeli Embassy declined to comment on the resolution. An Israeli
      diplomat, however, said privately that the political situation has
      dramatically shifted against Israel in Germany.

      Alex Feuerherdt, a German expert and author on German-Israeli relations,
      sees the German parliament applying a double standard to Israel.

      Israel did not demand an international investigation into Germany’s
      deadly bombing of civilians and Taliban fighters in Kunduz last
      September, he noted.

      He further criticized the German parliament for demanding in a
      resolution that Israel agree to an international inquiry into the Gaza
      flotilla raid, noting that Israel is a democratic state, which can
      conduct its own investigations.

      The largely anti-Israeli Left Party, two of whose MPs, Inge Höger and
      Annette Groth, were aboard the Mavi Marmara, submitted a second
      resolution attacking Israel in even harsher terms than the mainstream
      parties. Groth and the Left Party’s foreign policy spokesman MP Wolfgang
      Gehrcke are two of the sponsors of the anti-Israel resolution.

      The Left Party calls for “Israel to issue compensation to the victims of
      the attack” on the vessel as well as for an independent investigation of
      the violence on the Mavi Marmara and an immediate end to the blockade of

      A number of sponsors of the Left Party resolution, including Gehrcke,
      have attended pro-Hamas and pro-Hizbullah demonstrations and equated
      Israel with Nazi Germany.

      Writing this week in a Berliner Zeitung commentary, Anetta Kahane, the
      chairwoman of the Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung, a foundation fighting racism,
      xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in Germany, sharply criticized the two
      female members of parliament for forming an alliance with reactionary
      “Turkish-Islamic organizations, enemies of women, killers of gays, and
      anti-Semites” aboard the vessel.

      Kahane noted that Höger and Groth accepted their “assignment” to a
      women-only deck on the ship. The Left Party considers itself to be a
      pro-feminist party free of sexism.
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