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Friday Poll 1 February 2002

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    Friday Poll 1 February 2002 Aaron Lerner Date: 1 February 2002 The following are the results of a Market Watch poll [Market Watch was formed
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      Friday Poll 1 February 2002

      Aaron Lerner Date: 1 February 2002

      The following are the results of a Market Watch poll [Market Watch was
      formed by a group of former Gallup employees] of a representative sample of
      590 adult Israelis carried out the week of 1 February 2002. Statistical
      error +/- 4.5 percentage points:

      Who would you prefer be elected in the coming elections, Ariel Sharon or
      Binyamin Ben Eliezer?
      1 February 2002 Sharon 47% Ben Eliezar 22%
      18 January 2002 Sharon 52% Ben Eliezar 21%

      Who would you prefer as chairman of the Likud and their candidate for prime
      minister - Ariel Sharon or Binyamnin Netanyahu?
      1 February 2002: Sharon: 31% Netanyahu 32%
      18 January 2002: Sharon: 36% Netanyahu 33%

      Are you satisfied with the general performance of Prime Minister Ariel
      1 February 2002 Yes 48% No 43% Don't know 9%
      18 January 2002 Yes 57% No 34% Don't know 9%

      Are you satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the
      security area?
      1 February 2002 Yes 37% No 54% Don't know 9%
      18 January 2002 Yes 54% No 40% Don't know 6%

      Are you satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the
      socio-economic area?
      1 February 2002 Yes 18% No 74% Don't know 8%
      18 January 2002 Yes 27% No 67% Don't know 6%

      If elections were held today and only the Likud and Labor ran:
      Likud 51% Labor 29%

      Does Sharon have a clear plan of action or does he react to incidents
      without a clear plan?
      Has plan 29% Reacts 58% Don't know 13%

      Will Ariel Sharon succeed in bringing an end to terror in the course of the
      coming year?
      Yes 22% No 69% Don't know 9%

      Should Israel accelerate contacts to reach a peace arrangement, declare all
      out war on the Palestinian Authority or keep the situation as is?

      1 February 2002 Contacts 47% War 31% As is 12% Don't know 10%
      18 January 2002 Contacts 42% War 27% As is 25% Don't know 06%

      Do you support an Israeli attempt to depose Yasser Arafat?
      Yes 54% No 35% Don't know 11%

      If Arafat falls will it be better or worse for Israel?
      Better 40% Worse 30% Don't know 30%

      Do you support the idea that Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg speaks before the
      Palestine Legislative Council in Ramallah?
      Yes 27% No 58% Don't know 15%

      From what you know or think do the IDF forces treat the Palestinian
      population with humane consideration or brutal firmness?
      Humanitarian 48% Brutal 34% Do not know 18%

      There are those who express despair over the situation while in contrast
      there are those who express hope that there will be an improvement soon..
      Which of the two groups do you belong to?
      Despair 29% Hope 62% Don't know 9%

      Have you or someone in your family recently considered the possibility of
      living in another state?
      Yes 20% No 80%

      If it was up to you would you want your children or the children you have
      grow up in Israel or in another state?
      Israel 83% Other state 12% Don't know 5%

      Recently it was published that the children of many politicians live
      permanently overseas. In your opinion does this invalidate these
      politicians from making decisions relating to security and diplomatic
      Yes 39% No 50% Don't know 11%

      [IMRA: the article listed politicians identified by Yossi Beilin and other
      sources without going to the trouble of checking with the politician
      themselves. Several were interviewed the day the story was published and it
      turned out that their children either lived in Israel or they had a child
      studying overseas. Ehud Barak's daughter recently gave birth in New York
      and has said in interviews that she plans to return to Israel before the child
      starts kindergarten.]

      Do you like or dislike the following personalities:

      Like 76% Dislike 18% Bill Clinton
      Like 62% Dislike 33% Ariel Sharon
      Like 59% Dislike 32% George Bush
      Like 51% Dislike 36% Binyamin Ben Eliezer
      Like 54% Dislike 41% Shimon Peres
      Like 37% Dislike 26% Ami Ayalon
      Like 53% Dislike 43% Binyamin Netanyahu
      Like 43% Dislike 38% Daliah Rabin
      Like 44% Dislike 43% Limor Livnat
      Like 40% Dislike 46% Tommy Lapid
      Like 29% Dislike 41% Tzippy Livni
      Like 37% Dislike 52% Avraham Burg
      Like 38% Dislike 55% Ehud Barak
      Like 36% Dislike 53% Avigdor Lieberman
      Like 32% Dislike 49% Silvan Shalom
      Like 34% Dislike 56% Yossi Sarid
      Like 32% Dislike 56% Arieh Deri
      Like 30% Dislike 54% Daliah Itzik
      Like 29% Dislike 59% Yossi Beilin
      Like 11% Dislike 86% Yasser Arafat

      Ma'ariv 1 February 2002

      Translation and comments
      Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director
      INTERNET ADDRESS: imra@...
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