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Another 10-month-old baby falls victim to a terror attack

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  • Josh Pollack
    Jerusalem Post (16:00) Israeli infant seriously wounded in Gaza mortar attack By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff and The Associated Press April, 03 2001
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2001
      Jerusalem Post

      (16:00) Israeli infant seriously wounded in Gaza mortar attack

      By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff and The Associated Press

      April, 03 2001

      Palestinians fired three mortar shells at Atzmona, also know as Bnei Atzmon,
      in Gush Katif a short while ago, seriously wounding a baby boy and lightly
      wounding his mother and another person.

      Magen David Adom medics transferred the three to Soroka Hospital in

      The 10-month-old baby was wounded in the head and spine by shrapnel,
      according to doctors at the hospital.

      An additional two mortar shells fell fell harmlessly south of the community.

      Residents of Atzmona and surrounding communities are on high alert for the
      possiblility of more mortar shells being fired at them and have been ordered
      to enter bombshelters, Army Radio reported.

      The mortar attack came eight days after a 10-month-old Israeli girl was shot
      dead by a Palestinian gunman in the West Bank city of Hebron, provoking
      outrage among Israelis.

      The first incoming mortar "wasn't so close, but before we could get the
      women and children into the shelters we heard another, and then another," a
      Jewish settler, identified only as Ya'acov, told Israeli radio.

      About 6,500 Jewish settlers reside in small, heavily guarded enclaves in
      Gaza, where more than 1 million Palestinians live. The settlers have been
      targeted for attack throughout the Palestinian uprising, which erupted more
      than six months ago.

      Despite a US plea for calm, Israelis and Palestinians traded fire overnight
      in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with each side blaming the other for
      the surge of violence in recent days.

      Israeli air strikes, Palestinian suicide bombings and raging gun battles
      have raised tensions over the past week, and neither side expressed optimism
      that the more than six months of fighting would end soon.

      "It seems the Palestinian Authority not only instigates terror, but members
      of its security forces are actually participating," said Raanan Gissin, a
      spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

      "Violence is going to lead them nowhere," Gissin said.

      But a top Palestinian security official, Mohammad Dahlan, said Sharon's
      government was carrying out a military offensive to undermine the
      Palestinian leadership.

      "The Israelis make the Palestinian security forces a target simply because
      they represent the Palestinian Authority, even if these forces do not take
      part in the clashes," Dahlan told a news conference in the West Bank city of

      In a pair of lethal attacks Monday, an Israeli soldier was shot dead during
      an intense firefight in the biblical town of Bethlehem, and a Palestinian
      militant was killed in a helicopter rocket assault as he drove his pickup
      truck in the southern Gaza Strip.

      The shooting carried on into the night, with Palestinians firing two mortars
      at an Israeli industrial area on the northern border of the Gaza Strip, the
      army said Tuesday.

      Israeli troops came under fire in three additional locations in Gaza and the
      West Bank, and returned fire, the army added.

      Using a tow truck, Jewish settlers from the West Bank delivered a car
      riddled with bullets to the street outside the residence of Prime Minister
      Ariel Sharon's official residence in central Jerusalem.

      The settlers, who have come under frequent attack by Palestinian gunmen, say
      they are angry that the prime minister has not used greater military force
      in an attempt to end the Mideast violence.

      "Ariel Sharon hasn't kept his promise to change in a dramatic way the
      handling of terrorists. Each day of restraint costs Jewish blood," said
      Bentzi Lieberman, a settler leader.

      No peace talks have taken place since shortly before Sharon was elected two
      months ago, and there is no prospect for their revival at present.

      U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell called Sharon on Monday seeking calm in
      the region. Sharon told Powell that Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority
      was responsible for escalating violence, and Israel must take steps to
      protect its citizens, according to an official in Sharon's office, who
      requested anonymity.

      Powell also called Arafat, and the Palestinian leader asked for help in
      ending what he called Israeli aggression, said Arafat's spokesman, Nabil

      Since the fighting began in September, 458 people have been killed,
      including 375 Palestinians, 64 Israeli Jews and 19 others.

      Eli Adler, a resident on Moshav Atzmona, told JPost Radio his community
      would never even consider a temporary evacuation despite the three mortar
      shells fired into his moshav this afternoon.

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