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IDF kills 3 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza

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    IDF kills 3 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 3, 2008 www.jpost.com /servlet/Satellite?cid=1207159746040&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull
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      IDF kills 3 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza
      THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 3, 2008

      Less than 24 hours after defense officials warned that terrorists might have
      crossed through Rafah, Givati Brigade soldiers killed three armed
      Palestinians in Khan Yunis on Thursday.

      Troops have been operating in the central Gaza Strip since Wednesday night,
      conducting sweeps for weapons.

      According to the IDF, the soldiers encountered the gunmen during the
      operations and opened fire.

      In the West Bank, IDF troops arrested six Palestinian terror suspects in
      operations overnight Wednesday. The detainees were transferred for security

      Earlier Wednesday, senior defense officials warned that Palestinian
      terrorists could have used Egypt's opening of the Rafah crossing on Tuesday
      as an opportunity to cross back into Gaza after undergoing terror training

      Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah terminal on Egypt-Gaza border for a
      single day to, they said, allow some 350 Egyptians stuck in Gaza Strip for
      the past two months to return home.

      According Egyptian officials, the stranded Egyptians crossed into Gaza when
      Hamas blew up parts of the border wall in January, letting hundreds of
      thousands of Palestinians cross into Egypt to shop for food and commodities
      before the barrier was resealed. In addition to the Egyptians, Palestinian
      trucks and vehicles were allowed to return to Gaza, the Egyptian official

      Israeli defense officials said that since the border was resealed, Egypt has
      allowed a "trickle" of people to cross through Rafah on a weekly basis. They
      said it was likely that the trickle included terrorists who were leaving for
      training or returning.

      "It is likely that there are terrorists who are using the opening as an
      opportunity to travel abroad or to return to Gaza," a defense official said.
      "They are probably returning not empty-handed, but with money and maybe even

      At the same time, defense officials acknowledged a recent increase in
      Egyptian efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza via tunnels
      under the Philadelphi Corridor. In April, new US-made tunnel detection
      systems are scheduled to be deployed along the Philadelphi Corridor and to
      be used by the Egyptian forces to locate and destroy the tunnels.

      On Wednesday, an Egyptian security official claimed that forces had found a
      tunnel just a few meters away from the Egypt-Gaza border. The official said
      that the tunnel appeared to have been used to smuggle weapons and contraband
      between Egypt and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

      The IDF has been highly critical of Egypt over the past year due to Israeli
      claims that Cairo was not doing enough to stop the smuggling across the
      Philadelphi Corridor, along which it had deployed 750 policemen following
      Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005.

      According to a senior defense official, Egypt began significantly increasing
      its efforts to stop the smuggling from Gaza following the firing of
      Grad-model Katyusha rockets into Ashkelon last month.
    • Joseph M. Hochstein
      Ynetnews / June 16, 2008 IDF kills 3 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza Givati Brigade soldiers enter Palestinian territory, shoot dead gunmen approaching security
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        Ynetnews / June 16, 2008

        IDF kills 3 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza

        Givati Brigade soldiers enter Palestinian territory, shoot dead gunmen
        approaching security fence; explosives, rifles found on terrorists' bodies

        by Hanan Greenberg
        Latest Update: 06.16.08, 09:32 / Israel News

        Israeli soldiers killed during the early hours of Monday morning three
        Palestinian gunmen who were approaching the security fence in the south
        Gaza Strip.

        An IDF force positioned near the Sufa crossing spotted the gunmen
        nearing the security fence separating Israel from Gaza. Soldiers from
        the Givati Brigade's Tzabar Battalion who were dispatched to the scene
        entered Palestinian territory and shot the Palestinian gunmen dead. Two
        explosive devices and rifles were found on the terrorists' bodies.

        Palestinian sources reported of heavy exchanges of fire between the
        soldiers and the gunmen, apparently from Islamic Jihad's al-Quds
        Brigades, and said the gunmen managed to set off an explosive device
        near an army jeep. The IDF said the gunmen were looking to plant two
        bombs, adding that one of them was detonated as the soldiers stormed the

        "The threat of explosive devices targeting army patrols is well known,"
        an IDF official said. "The terror organizations are going to great
        lengths to plant these bombs, some of which are highly advanced."

        A few hours after the incident Israeli aircraft opened fire at two
        gunmen near the security fence in south Gaza, near Khan Younis. The IDF
        said a hit was identified.

        Palestinian sources said three gunmen belonging to Hamas' armed wing,
        the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, were inured in the attack.

        On Sunday two mortars were fired from Gaza toward Israel. One landed
        near the Karni crossing, while the other landed near the security fence.
        No injuries were reported in either incident.

        The mortar and rocket fire on Israel has subsided in recent days amid
        Egyptian efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and the armed
        Palestinian organizations in Gaza.

        In another incident that occurred Saturday, an Israeli aircraft opened
        fire at a group of five gunmen near the security fence in north Gaza. A
        hit was identified.

        First Published: 06.16.08, 08:01
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