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Chad rebels seize capital after heavy fighting: military source

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    Chad rebels seize capital after heavy fighting: military source 02/02/2008 14h20 http://www.afp.com/english/news/stories/080202132158.ha89jkbl.html NDJAMENA
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      Chad rebels seize capital after heavy fighting: military source
      02/02/2008 14h20


      NDJAMENA (AFP) - Chadian rebels seized the country's capital on Saturday
      after intense fighting with government forces, while President Idriss
      Deby Itno remained holed up in the presidential palace, a military
      source said.

      "The whole of the city is in the hands of the rebels. It's down to
      mopping-up operations," according to the military source.

      France sent an extra 150 troops to the central African country and
      prepared to evacuate its citizens, while French Defence Minister Herve
      Morin said rebels were battling government forces as they closed in on
      the presidential palace.

      Despite the reports, Chad's foreign minister told AFP that Deby was at
      the presidency and the situation was under control in the city.

      "I spoke with the presidency 10 minutes ago and they assured me that the
      situation (was under) control," Amad Allam-Mi said in Addis Ababa, where
      he was attending an African Union summit, shortly before 1030 GMT.

      Heavy fighting between some 2,000 rebels opposed to Deby and government
      forces had raged in the capital on Saturday, a French army source said.

      The rebels had entered the capital in trucks armed with machine guns,
      rocket launchers and Kalashnikov assault rifles.

      Intense firing during the morning had died down by midday (1100 GMT),
      but a column of black smoke was seen rising from near the presidential

      The rebels, in olive-green battledress and white armbands, were roaring
      around in camouflaged pick-up trucks, witnesses said, and had been
      welcomed with joy in some districts.

      Witnesses also said the main prison in Ndjamena had been stormed and
      inmates released, while security sources reported some looting had taken

      The French chief of staff announced that a combat unit of 150 extra
      troops had arrived in Chad, bringing to 1,450 the number permanently
      posted there. French forces have been assisting the government with
      logistics and intelligence but have not been allowed to intervene
      militarily in the fighting.

      A spokesman for French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he had had a "long
      conversation" with Deby, and held an emergency meeting on the situation.

      France also warned its nationals located there to remain indoors and
      prepared to evacuate them. The country has 1,500 citizens in Chad, a
      former French colony, with 85 percent of them in the capital.

      A rebel convoy of 300 pick-ups had been advancing on Ndjamena since
      Monday, when they left rear bases across the border in western Sudan's

      The offensive -- the biggest since April 2006 -- comes after rebel
      leaders Timan Erdimi, Mahamat Nouri and Adbelwahid Aboud Makaye joined
      forces in mid-December after a peace pact with Deby fell apart.

      Fighting broke out just north of the capital Saturday morning, and
      witnesses later said rebels had entered the east and southern part of
      the city.

      Deby was reportedly at the battlefront on Friday afternoon. He returned
      to Ndjamena after his forces failed to turn back the rebels in fighting
      at Massaguet around 50 kilometres (31 miles) north of the capital.

      He spent the night in the presidential palace, sources close to the
      presidency said.

      Rebel spokesman Abakar Tollimi said earlier by satellite telephone that
      government troops were "scattering", adding of Deby: "He will fall
      today, it's sure."

      Asked late Friday whether rebels could take the capital, Allam-Mi told
      AFP: "Everything is possible. We cannot rule out anything; the rebels
      are well armed and equipped." He blamed Sudan for supporting the rebels.

      African Union leaders meeting in Addis Ababa said the body "strongly
      condemns" the rebel attacks and "demands that an immediate end be put to
      these attacks and resulting bloodshed".

      The AU stressed it would reject any "unconstitutional change" of regime
      in Chad.

      UN chief Ban Ki-moon has expressed his concern at the fighting, and the
      world body has evacuated around 160 non-essential staff from Ndjamena.

      The rebel offensive began the week an EU peacekeeping force was due to
      start deploying advance troops in Chad and neighbouring Central African
      Republic to protect civilians and refugees from the Darfur conflict.

      The mission announced Friday a temporary delay in troop flights to
      Ndjamena, and an EU military spokesman said Saturday there were no plans
      to send members to Chad over the weekend as it was "still very unstable"
      on the ground.
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