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Iranian Education Minister Resigns

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    Iranian Education Minister Resigns http://english.baztab.com/content/?cid=5303 Education Minister Mahmud Farshidi has resigned from his post, an advisor to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2007
      Iranian Education Minister Resigns

      Education Minister Mahmud Farshidi has resigned from his post, an advisor to education minister, Mirvali Musavi, said here on Sunday.

      “The education minister has submitted his resignation to president,” Musavi said.

      A report stated that Payame-Nur University Chancellor Alireza Ali-Ahmadi will replace Farshidi.

      The education minister is in charge of thousands of teachers and some have protested this year about pay and conditions.

      During a no-confidence vote which Education Minister Mahmoud Farshidi survived this year, some MPs referred to the teachers' complaints. Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005 pledging to improve the lot of ordinary Iranians.

      The resignation still has to be accepted by the president, the ministry official told Reuters. The Fars news agency cited a source saying Ahmadinejad had already agreed.

      Ahmadinejad has sacked or changed other cabinet posts including his industries minister, who was replaced by a close ally, and the oil minister, whose position was taken by a technocrat. He has also replaced the central bank governor.

      "It appears that Ahmadinejad has decided in the remaining months (before the parliamentary polls) to have people in office who are obedient and very close to him," said an Iranian political analyst to Reuters , who asked not to be identified.

      Farshidi's unpopularity with the teachers might have made his presence in the cabinet a political liability in the election, the analyst added.
      Dec 02 , 2007
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