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Settler Kidnapped - Presumed Dead * Two Reports - Different Reality *Settlers ordered to Leave Outposts * Talks

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Settler Kidnapped - Presumed Dead [14.01.01] Ronnie Tzalach, of the Israeli Kfar Yam settlement in Gush Katif in Gaza, went missing Sunday afternoon. His
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2001
      Settler Kidnapped - Presumed Dead

      [14.01.01] Ronnie Tzalach, of the Israeli Kfar Yam settlement in Gush
      Katif in Gaza, went missing Sunday afternoon. His cellular phone and other
      personal belongings were found in the greenhouse where he worked. The IDF
      initiated a search for Tzalach, closing roads and using helicopters.

      A tracking device, attached to his car, emitted a signal indicating that the vehicle
      was located in Khan Yunis, which is under Palestinian Authority control.

      Aharon Tsur, a spokesman for the settlers, told Israel Channel One television
      early Sunday evening that Tzalach was alive. "We know this from our
      Palestinian sources," he said, calling on the Israeli government to take steps to
      ensure he was returned alive. However, Israel Chann Two television announced
      later that Palestinian sources believe that a body found in Khan Yunis is that
      of Tzalach. His car was also found in Khan Yunis. Apparently, the kidnappers
      had set fire to it.

      Two Reports - Different Reality

      [13.01.01] A Palestinian was killed during disturbances on Friday
      in Hebron. The following two reports illustrate the different realities
      of Palestinians and Israelis.

      From the IDF spokesperson:

      IDF Spokesperson: Explosive Charge and Shooting Toward an IDF Force in

      12 January 2001

      An explosive charge was thrown today at an IDF force in Hebron, followed by
      shooting toward the force. The force pursued the shooter, a Tanzim activist,
      shot toward him and killed him on the boundary line between areas H1 and H2
      in Hebron.

      The shooter's corpse and pistol were taken by the Israeli security forces to
      be examined.

      Upon completion of examination the corpse it will be handed over to the

      From the Palestinian Law Society:

      Israeli forces stationed in the Beit Hadasa enclave in
      Hebron killed a Palestinian man on Friday afternoon. According to
      documentation available to LAW, 23-year-old Shaker Hasouney
      was shot in the mouth and the chest during clashes after Friday prayers.
      The incident took place in downtown Hebron; sources also said that
      Israeli soldiers penetrated the area controlled by the PNA, (H1).
      Hasouney is a resident of East Jerusalem who lived in Hebron.
      Sources also reported that the Israeli soldiers dragged the Palestinian man
      on the ground for 150 meters after he was shot; they did not provide him
      with any medical aid.

      Settlers Ordered to Leave Outposts

      [13.01.01] Israeli settlers who had occupied outposts near Ofra and
      Beit El were served on Friday with evacuation orders and the IDF
      declaried the sites closed military areas. The two outposts were
      established in response to recent shooting attacks by Palestinians Mevo
      Ofra was established on the day following the murder of Benjamin
      Kahane, son of Rabbi Meir Kahane, and his wife.

      The settlers in Beit El residents, said they planned to remain there until
      the IDF took over the site, which they said the army had abandoned.
      Ofra residents said they had no intention of willingly leaving their outpost,
      which they claim falls within the projected boundaries of their settlement.

      Iran to Aid Lebanon

      [14.01.01 Iranian President Mohammad Khatami met today with Lebanese
      Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Khatami pledged aid in Lebanon's reconstruction,
      according to the government Islamic Republic News Agency.

      Khatami said, that since Lebanon had resisted the atrocities of the Zionists (Israel) on
      behalf of Arab and Muslim countries, it is the duty of all Arab and Islamic states to
      help reconstruct the country, and that Iran would help reconstruct Lebanon in
      accordance with its religious, revolutionary and national duty.

      Palestinians to Execute More Collaborators

      [14.01.01] Palestinian Justice Minister Freih Abu Medein said Sunday that
      10 to 15 more Palestinians would be brought to court for collaborating with
      Israel. He said the collaborators would be tried in the same was as those
      executed in the past few days. "It must be understood that the Palestinians
      are in a state of war," Abu Medein said. Right-wing Israeli sources believe
      that there could be as many 2,000 executions planned.

      Arafat and Peres meet at Erez crossing to discuss Peace plan

      Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority
      chairman Yasser Arafat met near the Erez crossing in Gaza last night. The two were s
      cheduled to join the talks being held by negotiating teams from both sides, and aimed
      at airing the sides' reservations over U.S. President Clinton's bridging proposals,
      and on efforts to reduce violence in the territories.

      Both sides realize there is no chance of reaching a peace agreement during the
      remaining week of Clinton's presidential term. Clinton said on Friday that he
      was preparing to pass the ball to President-elect George W. Bush.

      Israeli sources said that the meetings were not expected to
      produce a breakthrough. The Palestinians sought to prove to the Americans
      that they were willing to reach an agreement, while Prime Minister Ehud Barak
      was aiming to take action to reduce the violence as well as to improve his
      standing in the current election campaign.

      Reported by Ami Isseroff
      Sources: Ha'aretz Newspaper, ITV Channel 2, IMRA news agency
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