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Kassam falls in Sderot; none hurt

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    Kassam falls in Sderot; none hurt By YAAKOV KATZ The Jerusalem Post May. 31, 2007 23:49 | Updated Jun. 1, 2007 6:40
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      Kassam falls in Sderot; none hurt
      By YAAKOV KATZ The Jerusalem Post May. 31, 2007 23:49 | Updated Jun. 1, 2007

      Sderot awoke Friday morning to a Red Alert alarm as one Kassam fired from
      northern Gaza fell in an open area.

      No casualties were reported although damage to crops was cited.

      On Thursday, Hamas's military wing, which has been responsible for most of
      the recent Kassam fire, said that it had not launched a rocket in 48 hours.
      Four rockets were fired Thursday into the western Negev, two of which landed
      in open fields near the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, but Channel 10
      quoted Hamas officials as saying that those rockets were launched by other
      groups such as the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees

      The claim came despite an earlier warning by Damascus-based Hamas politburo
      chief Khaled Mashaal that the rocket fire would continue until Israel
      stopped its attacks in Gaza.

      The IDF continued its offensive against the terrorist infrastructure in the
      Gaza Strip on Thursday, as additional infantry units were deployed along the
      border in preparation for a possible escalation.

      In recent days, the IDF has deployed additional armored and infantry units
      outside the Gaza Strip, particularly in the northern and southern sectors.
      Military sources said that while a massive ground operation was not planned,
      the additional units could be sent to areas inside the Strip used to launch
      rockets or to search for tunnels being dug by terrorists under the border.

      Defense officials pointed to the continued sharp drop in rocket fire. When
      the upsurge in Gazan attacks began two weeks ago, Hamas was firing between
      30 and 40 rockets a day. Over the past week, that number had dwindled to
      fewer than 10.

      Also Thursday, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed that it had
      arrested two Hamas men from Hebron who had planted a number of bombs along
      the Kiryat Arba-Kiryat Gat Highway aimed at IDF patrols.

      The two gunmen were arrested by the IDF in April after two bombs were found
      on the highway, one of which was set to be detonated by a cellular phone.
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