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Rabin graves vandalized

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  • Joseph M. Hochstein
    Jerusalem Post April 3, 2005 Rabin graves vandalized By ETGAR LEFKOVITS http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull
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      Jerusalem Post
      April 3, 2005
      Rabin graves vandalized

      The Jerusalem graves of the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and his
      wife Leah were vandalized Sunday, in the fourth grave desecration in the
      last five days, police said.

      The words "murderous dog" were scrawled in Hebrew in black spray-paint
      on the Rabin's Mount Herzl gravesite, while a black stripe blocked out
      their names.

      The vandalism, occurring nearly a decade after the premier was
      assassinated by an ultra-nationalist Jew, was the latest in a rash of
      attacks on the gravesites of former Israeli and Jewish leaders,
      including Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl and Israel's first prime
      minister David Ben-Gurion.

      The latest grave desecration was discovered Sunday morning by cemetery
      workers who summoned police.

      In the wake of the attack, a special police team was established by
      Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco to investigate the vandalism, police

      Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby had previously said that
      police were not charged with security at the city's official military
      cemetery, which, he said, was under the jurisdiction of the ministry of

      On Friday, Nazi graffiti was found scrawled on twelve graves in the
      well-tended cemetery.

      In that attack, the words "Hitler the brain" were spray-painted in
      Hebrew on a dozen graves of fallen Israeli soldiers.

      Friday's vandalism was discovered by a bereaved father visiting the
      grave-side of his son.

      "When I got to the last row of graves, where my son is lying, I saw a
      black stain on the stone, I thought someone had lit a candle or
      something," David Avidar said on Israel Radio. "Then I saw, on another
      grave, a letter. I looked up and saw other letters, spelling "Hitler,
      the brain" one letter on each grave."

      Friday's Jerusalem grave desecrations came less than 72 hours after the
      nearby gravesite of Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl was vandalized.

      On Wednesday, in the part of the cemetery dedicated to national leaders,
      the phrase "Neo-Nazi Hail Beilin," referring to the far-left Israel
      politician, was sprayed in the courtyard in front of a monument to

      That same day the word "Hitler" was also scrawled in black spray-paint
      on the Negev desert gravesite of Israel's first prime minister, David

      A left-wing legislator asserted Sunday that police were not doing enough
      to catch the perpetrators, while another liberal parliamentarian
      suggested that grave desecration was a hint that the next political
      assassination was fast approaching.

      "We are not dealing with the perpetrators of the previous crime, but
      with the perpetrators of the next one," said MK Ran Cohen (Yahad), "If
      the suspects were Arabs, the police would have long found them," he

      Labor MK Eitan Cabel added that the desecration should serve as a
      reminder that the next political murder could only be "a matter of

      Over the last several months, a slew of graffiti attacks condemning
      Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for his Gaza withdrawal plan have gone up on
      Jerusalem streets, vandalism police suspect is the work of far-right

      In January, three far-right activists were indicted on charges of
      vandalism and incitement to violence for allegedly scrawling graffiti on
      Jerusalem streets.

      The three, one a minor, are suspected of writing such slogans as "We
      will rebel against the evil government," and "Death to Sharon."

      Similar slogans appeared on Jerusalem streets prior to the 1995
      assassination of the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

      But Jerusalem police said that it was not clear who was behind the
      latest gravesite attacks.
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