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Israel: NotWhite Ballots on The Right?

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Interview: Herut MK Michael Kleiner on Sharon Plan [IMRA New Service] Aaron Lerner Date: 18 January 2001 IMRA interviewed Herut MK Michael
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2001
      Interview: Herut MK Michael Kleiner on Sharon Plan
      [IMRA New Service]

      Aaron Lerner Date: 18 January 2001

      IMRA interviewed Herut MK Michael Kleiner, in Hebrew, on 18 January

      IMRA: In light of the Sharon Plan revealed today do you want the
      People of Israel to vote against Barak or stay home on February 6?

      Kleiner: I do not agree with the Sharon Plan and I do not agree with
      his line. I think that the slogan "Sharon will bring peace" is
      foolish, damaging and an ineffective slogan.

      But first of all one should avoid evil. And this means that first of
      all the government must be brought down because it made concessions
      that endanger the State.

      After the elections Sharon will be prime minister and I think that
      Arafat will not accept this plan. He cannot agree to this plan.
      Arafat won't even agree to getting 95 percent.

      In any case, if this plan is implemented there will be concessions we
      cannot live with and we will not support the government.

      But I still think that the situation will be better if Sharon is
      prime minister than if Barak is.

      IMRA: Some people are now saying "I will not put a ballot into a
      ballot box for someone who proposes a plan that conflicts with the
      'whole land of Israel' concept and entertains the establishment of a
      Palestinian state."

      That from a moral standpoint they simply cannot bring themselves to
      vote for such a person.

      Kleiner: I understand the sentiment but we are now in a very
      sensitive moment. We are talking about the very existence of the
      state. And as someone who did not hesitate to topple Binyamin
      Netanyahu after the Wye Agreement I say that right now we much topple

      Every leader who essentially put a knife to the throat of the Land of
      Israel should first of all be toppled.

      After all, when we toppled Netanyahu we knew that Barak was not
      exactly a "whole Land of Israel" adherent.

      But the moment that he made concessions that he should not have made
      at Wye we moved to topple him. So certainly the same applies to
      Barak - who has made considerably more serious concessions.

      But you do not topple a prime minister with a blank ballot.

      You topple him by voting for his opponent.

      I didn't need the revelations today to know that his opponent is far
      from ideal. Wye was enough.

      One has to hope that the Sharon Government will be established and in
      my estimation it will quickly find itself reliant on the support of
      the "Land of Israel" camp. And I hope that Sharon, as prime minister,
      will learn the lesson of Netanyahu and won't put the knife to the
      throat of the nation.

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