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Israel Arrests Militant With Car Bomb

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  • Joseph M. Hochstein
    Associated Press March 1, 2005 3:48 AM EST Israel Arrests Militant With Car Bomb By GAVIN RABINOWITZ Associated Press Writer
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      Associated Press
      March 1, 2005 3:48 AM EST
      Israel Arrests Militant With Car Bomb

      Associated Press Writer

      JERUSALEM -- An Islamic Jihad militant told Israeli interrogators his
      group planned to detonate a large car bomb near Israeli targets,
      security officials said Tuesday, after troops discovered a vehicle
      packed with half a ton of explosives in the West Bank, the largest bomb
      assembled in four years of fighting.

      The militant, Jibril Zubeydi, is the brother of a prominent militant
      leader in the West Bank town of Jenin, Zakariye Zubeydi, security
      officials said. Jibril Zubeydi, an Islamic Jihad member, was arrested
      two months ago.



      The car bomb discovered Monday near Jenin. The vehicle was parked at a
      junction near the town of Jenin and safely detonated it in a controlled
      explosion, the military said Tuesday.

      During Zubeydi's interrogation by the Shin Bet Security service, he
      revealed three plots the Islamic Jihad was planning, including the car
      bomb, a rocket attack on the Israeli town of Afula and a double suicide
      bombing against a Jerusalem school, the official said, speaking on
      condition of anonymity.

      The two suicide bombers were intercepted on the outskirts of Jerusalem,
      he said.

      Regional army commander Col. Oren Avman said the car bomb contained some
      1,100 pounds of explosives. "Even an armored vehicle or bus could not
      withstand such a huge bomb," he told Israel Army Radio.

      Avman said the officer who discovered the car bomb, by noticing wires
      sticking out, prevented "a huge disaster."

      The relative calm following the Feb. 8 cease-fire declared by the
      Israeli and Palestinian leaders was ruptured Friday night by a suicide
      bombing in Tel Aviv that killed five Israelis. That bombing was claimed
      by a representative of the Islamic Jihad in Syria.

      Avman said the army believed it was possible the same group was behind
      the car bomb.

      Also Tuesday, the army said it had arrested seven Palestinian militants
      in the West Bank, including three belonging to the Islamic Jihad.
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