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Palestinian T.V. Gaza Head Killed * Sadam Hussein "We won the Gulf War"

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  • Ami Isseroff
    NewsFlash: Palestinian T.V. Gaza Head Killed Hooded Men Kill Director of Palestinian TV in Gaza GAZA (Reuters -17 Jan) - Three hooded men
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2001
       NewsFlash: Palestinian T.V. Gaza Head Killed
                         Hooded Men Kill Director of Palestinian TV in Gaza

      GAZA (Reuters -17 Jan) - Three hooded men Wednesday shot dead the head of the
      official Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) in Gaza, Palestinian security
      sources said.
         They said the men shot Hisham Mikki, 54, in the head and in the heart while
      he was in a Gaza hotel. The perpetrators fled. Medical sources said he arrived
      at the Shifa hospital in Gaza dead.
         It was unclear whether the killing was criminal or an assassination for nationalist
         The PBC was set up in 1994 when the Palestinian Authority was formed and
      Israel handed over parts of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank city of Jericho
      to Palestinian rule. 
      [Editor's Note] - According to Israeli sources, PNA officials accused collaborators with Israel
      of the murder, but Israel has denied all connection with it.


      BAGHDAD (Reuters - 17 January) - President Saddam Hussein said on the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War over Kuwait on Wednesday that Iraq would emerge victorious in  its struggle against the United States.

      In a speech charged with rhetoric, the Iraqi leader said the war that erupted
      on January 17, 1991, was a confrontation between good and evil that continues
      until this day.

      "Iraq has triumphed over the enemies of the (Arab) nation and over its enemies.
      It will triumph in all the remaining rounds with the help of God because it has
      achieved its triumph inside its soul, its conscience, its heart and its mind,"
      the Iraqi leader said in a taped televised address to the nation.
      The 20-minute speech was broadcast on Iraqi stations and a number of Arab satellite

      "On a day like this day 10 years ago, evil and all those who made Satan their
      protector lined up in one place, facing those who represented the will to defend
      right against falsehood and who had God as their protector," he said.

      "The missiles and bombs of aggression hit everything material and suitable as
      target for their weapons. Much dear blood of the dear ones was shed...," he said.

      He identified the evildoers as the western powers in the coalition, led by the
      United States, that drove Iraqi troops from Kuwait and inflicted devastation
      on Iraq.

      But Saddam made no mention of Kuwait or Arab countries that took part in the
      war against Iraq.

      "How can I give names (of Arab coalition members) and count? How can I say and
      open the wounds?"
      [Editor's note] According to CNN and Israeli sources, Sadam announced that Iraq had won
      the Gulf War, "mother of all battles." The speech was recorded, and was aired on Al-Jazeera
      TV 15 minutes before it was aired on Iraqi TV.
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