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HAMAS Says Patience Over Israeli 'Breaches' of Truce Running Out

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    HAMAS Says Patience Over Israeli Breaches of Truce Running Out GMP20030803000193 (Internet) Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades WWW-Text in Arabic 03 Aug 03 [Statement
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2003
      HAMAS Says Patience Over Israeli 'Breaches' of Truce
      Running Out
      GMP20030803000193 (Internet) Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
      WWW-Text in Arabic 03 Aug 03
      [Statement by the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS,
      dated 3 August 2003: "In the Light of Zionist
      Breaches: Our Patience is Running Out"]

      [FBIS Translated Text]
      At the time that the Islamic Resistance Movement
      has abided by its initiative in suspending military
      operations, the Zionist side has made dozens of
      breaches. This leaves no doubt that this enemy
      understands the language of force only. The Zionists
      have carried out ugly assassinations last of which was
      the assassination of a child in Janin.

      They have destroyed and demolished houses in West
      Bank cities, while at the same time they are still
      besieging cities and villages and are still
      threatening and preparing to violate the sanctity of
      the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

      They still insist on not releasing Palestinian and
      Arab prisoners and they are still imprisoning sick
      people, women, children, and old people.

      Instead of releasing the prisoners, Zionist gangs
      have assaulted our brave prisoners in the Ashqelon
      detention camp. This has resulted in the injury of
      dozens, some of whom are still suffering from serious
      injuries. [We want to remind the world] that the
      vengeful Nazis did not reach this level of brutality
      despite the ugliness of [the crimes] they committed.

      In the light of these unceasing breaches, we
      stress the following:

      1. Our patience over the breaches that the
      Zionists are committing is running out. Let those
      murderers know that the suspension of operations from
      our side does not in the least mean that we will allow
      those killer terrorists to keep up their aggression on
      our Palestinian mujahid people.

      2. Our commitment to our initiative reflects our
      morals as an Islamic movement that stands by its word.
      It does not mean weakness in front of the cowardly
      Zionist enemy. Therefore we stress that our commitment
      to our word does not at all mean forfeiting our right
      to respond to the breaches of the Zionist enemy.

      3. We call on all parties that had a role and had
      contacts with HAMAS before the initiative was launched
      to express their denunciation of the brutal Zionist
      practices against our Palestinian people. These
      Zionists did not respect the terms of the suspension
      of operations as they were stated in the initiative.

      4. We call on all national and Islamic factions to
      prepare themselves to face the arrogance of this
      criminal enemy that denies our hero prisoners the
      right to freedom, and to expose the Zionists
      manipulation of this issue. We stress that HAMAS will
      exert every effort to ensure that they are released.

      5. We are now at a time when we are in a dire need
      for unity in the face of the US-backed Zionist

      It is a jihad until victory or martyrdom.

      [signed] Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS

      [Dated] 3 August 2003
      [Description of Source: (Internet) Al-Aqsa Martyrs
      Brigades WWW-Text in Arabic -- Web site of Al-Aqsa
      Martyrs Brigades , reportedly associated with Fatah;

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