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Three Israeli Arabs arrested for running bomb laboratory

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    l Three Israeli Arabs arrested for running bomb laboratory * 20 Palestinians picked up from West Bank
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      Three Israeli Arabs arrested for running bomb laboratory

      * 20 Palestinians picked up from West Bank


      JERUSALEM: Israel's security service said on Monday it had arrested three Israeli Arabs for running a bomb workshop in the service of Islamic Jihad - the first of its kind for Palestinian militants within the state's borders.

      The Shin Bet statement on the arrests in Jaljuliya, near the West Bank boundary, came a day after an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber wounded 30 people in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya. But an Israeli official said the three suspects had no connection with the Netanya bombing.

      Defence attorney Ihab Galgoly told reporters the arrests had been made three weeks ago and that indictments were expected on Thursday. He declined to give further details, But Jaljuliya sources close to the case said the three men would likely plead guilty to the charges against them. "They prepared bombs for terrorists, but whether it was Islamic Jihad or another group is unclear," said one source.

      20 arrested: Israeli troops arrested 20 wanted Palestinians, including two militants from the radical Islamic Jihad movement, during overnight operations in the West Bank a spokesman for the army said on Monday.

      One of the Islamic Jihad activists was arrested in Ramallah and a second was picked up in Tammun, a village some 10 kilometers northeast of Nablus. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the Israeli coastal resort of Netanya on Sunday, which left 26 people injured, six of them seriously, but only killed the bomber who came from the town of Tulkarem.

      Twelve of the 20 wanted Palestinians who were arrested came from the Tulkarem area, the spokesman said.

      The army also said it picked up a potential suicide bomber in the village of Tubbas, some 20 kilometers from Jenin, and another man believed to be involved in the intended attack, on Sunday morning. -AFP

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